Huey Lewis and the Dudes 🎳

2021.09.24 00:59 DiosMioMan2 Huey Lewis and the Dudes 🎳

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2021.09.24 00:59 OF-l_s_t_a Do people still find [30f] olds hot? (I’m still coming to terms with going into the panoramic age 28 😅)

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2021.09.24 00:59 Jaguars4life The future of G4

The future of G4?
How popular will it still be for years to come?
Could we see a renaissance of it down the road?
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2021.09.24 00:59 SathanasRehan Problema con Tarjeta naranja

Gente, a mi hermano le clonaron la tarjeta, debe guita y le quieren hacer juicio los de naranja, como debe hacer para que no le rompan las bolas? el no firmo nada nunca asi que no creo sea legal lo que quieren hacer, aparte sale la direccion dedonde pidieron las cosas y es en una villa.. espero no moleste mi pregunta
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2021.09.24 00:59 Kevin_Yuu Young Adult White Dragon [Lego 71718 Remodelled]

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2021.09.24 00:59 hanafizoon ZeloopApp

Thanks to ZeLoop app, collected plastic bottles can be exchanged for goods and services from a sustainable source and eco-friendly use with specific discounts and can also be used to make charitable donations. $ERW #ZeLoop #ZeloopApp #BSC #Crypto
Website :
Facebook :
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Telegram :
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2021.09.24 00:59 erikssonrau Tracy “T-City” Cortez

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2021.09.24 00:59 WMDAggie Power armor that lights up with these yellow rods!

I have seen this power armor that lights up with these yellow rods all over, what is it and how can I get it?
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2021.09.24 00:59 revannld How many economists are orthodox/mainstream/"neoclassical" compared to heterodox and marxists?

I've been searching the whole day and it seems no Economics undergraduate ever even bothered to make a survey or research of some kind to actually put this in numbers. How could I could quantify this? How many globally acclaimed academics, universities, research institutes and journals are undisputably orthodox leaning and how many are heterodox? I know I could probably go through a list of Nobel Prize Economics and John Bates Clark medal winners but I find that just so lazy and there any data? For me it seems there is more of a "consensus of a consensus" and everybody goes along. The only website I could find saying anything about this is literally Wikipedia and, of course, it doesn't give any references (you don't say...)
If someone can give some kind of data or research about this, boy you are my hero ;)
Great weekend, everyone :)
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2021.09.24 00:59 TheGuyThatDrove I'm Making a Total Drama Show in Powerpoint! (Only Thing I Had.) There Will be Interactions Between all The Characters, Send Some Hype and/or Ideas in The Comments!

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2021.09.24 00:59 we_are_ananonumys How’s M1 compatibility with Rails and related tools in September 2021?

Hey all. Sorry if this is a common question. I’m starting a new job and need a new laptop.
Wondering who is running Mac M1 at this point and whether there are reasons to not go for it yet?
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2021.09.24 00:59 Inceyx Idea for next 100 vs 10000 video

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2021.09.24 00:59 RollTribe93 Deeda Seed: Inland port’s runaway train needs to slow down

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2021.09.24 00:59 Briggleton Friends spilt booze on my hat so I asked them to draw on it for me

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2021.09.24 00:59 BlunderingBazookas Extra Life for Green Man

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2021.09.24 00:59 im_not_a_bot_lmao Hello?

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2021.09.24 00:59 docdocgoose2 Best Aftermarket Roof Rack?

Looks like Tesla is sold out of OEM
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2021.09.24 00:59 SurskityOficial CODIGO COM DEFEITO TESTA AE VE SE DA CERTO

Zyra Pesadelo na Cidade do Crime
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2021.09.24 00:59 majestickrispy I'm in love with a fictional character. What should I do?

Just to preface, I don't mean 'love' as in I want him as my boyfriend or something, but more like longing for him as a friend. I find him really relatable and we have a lot in common so if we met, we could have some interesting conversations.
I have borderline personality disorder so with this condition, fixations on a specific person are very common, and this character is my favorite person and he has been for years. Whenever I'm feeling depressed, he comforts me (from me watching the shows he's in) and makes me feel better. I'm emotionally detached from my family, they don't care for me and weren't there for me so I learned to seek out other avenues of making myself feel better.
Now I don't believe in much paranormal stuff, but I believe that fictional characters are real somewhere, and I've read about comic book writers actually meeting their characters in real life. Several of the writers of Hellblazer claimed to have seen John Constantine in real life, and during one of the encounters, he talked to one of the writers, before disappearing. Originally, I was skeptical, but then I looked into other cases of this phenomenon, involving different characters (some human, others not human) and became less doubtful. They were the actual characters not people in costumes as I said some of these sightings were of non human characters. Over time, to help balance my splitting (toxic conscience), he has became a positive part of my conscience, encouraging me, and trying to cheer me up, in his soft and mellow voice.
The character I like isn't John Constantine, but one day I hope that I can meet up with this character in person and have a chat. There's always this faint glimmer of hope that when I'm out and about, I'll bump into him or something, and I'll give him a hug and feel so happy. I feel like with this character it could be more likely to happen than most other characters, because he can travel between dimensions in his source material. Given that the show this character starred in was cancelled nearly a decade ago, he's kind of faded into obscurity and that makes me feel a little sad. I think to myself that wherever he is right now, that he's okay.
I feel like telling people close to me this would be weird, so I'm just getting this off of my chest.
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2021.09.24 00:59 DomTheRogue New Champion Idea

So picture this right you’re some character who has a pet tigepanther who you can call to: 1. chase after and deal damage to enemy champions 2. Stay inside the objective area and attack any enemies also inside it 3. Defend you For x amount of time and then when they’re on cool down they go into a passive mode where they shrink into a small cat that just follows you around
I’m not a game developer so I haven’t thought out the details and nuances of the character I just want a more interactive pet than IO with Luna
Doesn’t have to be a feline creature either. Beabear cub, wolf/puppy, eagle/tweety bird, anaconda/garden snake. These all would be really cool and interesting. I really liked how the creation of IO brought pets and pet abilities into the game but it just feels like an under utilized idea. Anyway thoughts, comments, and ideas are welcome in the replies.
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2021.09.24 00:59 SteinsGah Bought two identical amplifiers, same SKU / Product number, boxes are identical...

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2021.09.24 00:59 w0zy Custom iPod nano shell?

I recently dug up my iPod nano g2 from when I was a kid, and I'm looking at restoring and customizing it. I'm mostly doing it for the nostalgia, it's certainly not going to be my go-to music playing vessel, I just want to get it back in working order.
I've seen some really sweet builds for the iPod classics, and I was hoping to find some custom shells (cases? I've seen people call them different things), but I haven't seen any custom colors for the nano 2.
Should I just bite the bullet and anodize the aluminum myself, or is there a place to get them that I just haven't found yet?
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2021.09.24 00:59 AidenPearce699 I found the head of the statue of Joseph even after we destroy the all of statue

how the head still exist ?
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2021.09.24 00:59 baconwafflecup Non-traditional Fan Art

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2021.09.24 00:59 isuckat3dprinting Christian Kirk: What we doing with this fella?

FA next year and is just a long ball guy right now. Rondale Moore will overtake him if he hasn’t already in that offense.
Is he worth holding until he gets a new team or try to sell while his value is in a good spot?
I am tempted to sell but I feel like he has enough talent to at least think about holding.
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