The Queen

2021.10.23 10:44 ProfessorNoah The Queen

I studied the board before me, making sure that every possible action had been considered and every reaction had been anticipated. To my people, such ponderings were considered sacred. Satisfied with my decision, I moved one of the heavy pieces one square to the left. "Checkmate."
"I really don't understand how you're picking this up so quickly," the massive human before me said, his body language conveying fond exasperation. Hopefully "It took me half my life to get the hang of this game." Humans were a recent addition to the Galactic Federation, and although their introduction to society had been entirely peaceful, I couldn't help but feel fear as I studied him. A massive predator body, twice as tall as mine, and a full eight time heavier, bound as it was with enough muscle tissue to easily tear holes into the commercial cruiser we were both travelling in. His clothing was strange, made up of a patchwork of different colors in a seemingly random pattern, and dotted with metal decorations I didn't understand. Still, the board game he was carrying was most entertaining, and we still had [13 hours] left before arriving at Yavin 4. "May we play one more game, Guardian Stephen?" I said, and he bared his maw in a (terrifying) show of amusement. "Why do you insist on calling me that?" he asked me.
I used one of my arms to make a gesture of reverence the human Queen, dozing off in the seat beside him. Even in the dim glow of the ship's evening lights, I could see her abdomen heavy with the Gift of Life. "To be chosen to guard a Queen is the most sacred of duties," I recited as I had been taught. "I hope I am given the honor of being a Queen someday." That was a flat out lie, it was a fate I would wish upon no one. To be kidnapped by the Patriarchs, bound and immobilized, and be forced to spawn again and again until death, just to create more peons to work the Patriarchs' precious nickel mines, their only source of power and wealth. But I couldn't say such things out loud, such Heresy would surely get me sent straight to the reeducation camps.
He once again bared his maw and laughed. I fought back a shudder. "While I don't disagree with that assessment," he said, "I think she'd prefer you just call her Sarah." I hesitated, pondering whether or not it would be rude to ask the question that was weighing on my mind. "If you want to ask something, just ask, we humans really don't mind" Guardian Stephen said, and I couldn't help but turn back towards him, an expression of surprise on my face. I'd heard a rumor humans, being predators, are extremely good at reading their enemies, but I didn't think it to be true. Hoping I wouldn't offend him or her Majesty, I asked, "How many humans are born to a Queen in each spawn cycle?". I myself had been born in a spawning numbering 212, 196 males, most of whom had already died underground, having never seen the light of the stars. "Just one," he answered, and my eyes couldn't help but bulge. I turned once again to the Queen, who was stirring around in discomfort, and I couldn't help but wonder. "How exactly will she-"
Before I could finish my question, her eyes shot open, and she turned towards her guardian in a panic. "My water just broke," she said. Before I could ask what that meant, Guardian Steve changed. Before me was no longer the nice human with a board game that felt compassion towards a lonely Xivati. Before me was a dangerous predator, barking towards the other humans in the guttural tongue of his people, faster than my auto-interpreter could understand. Every human who heard him, most of whom were wearing clothes similar to his, stood up and Changed as well. It was pandemonium, every human running in a different direction, moving faster than I could think but still keeping perfect coordination. Something had awoken in them. Something war, something primal. And I was stuck in the middle of it.
Queen Sarah was sequestered inside the medical bay, and finally one of the humans slowed down enough to tell me what was going on. her Spawning had begun. And it was going to be painful. I tried to say a prayer to the Great Mother to watch over her, but I couldn't concentrate enough to recite. I had never heard such screams. It had been going on for hours. I asked what was going on, if something had gone wrong, if there was something I could do to help, but the humans told me there was nothing to do but wait. At the eighth hour, Guardian Stephen emerged from the medical bay, and collapsed into the seat beside me. His face was haggard, as if haunted. "None of the medicines in this junk heap do anything to humans," he growled, "There's one thing that should work, it's called Standard Compound X3, but it's too rare to keep in stock. Do you think there's a chance anyone on board has any?"
I hesitated.
He noticed.
He turned to me, and I looked into his eyes. I saw in them what he was capable of doing to me, what he was willing to do to me, if I dared to lie with Queen Sarah's health on the line. Either way, my life had come to an end. I had no choice. "I was tasked with delivering a cache of X3 to an associate of the Patriarchs in Yavin 4, a bribe" I said, looking down at the floor. "It's in my bag, cargo compartment 9." He nodded and left. And I couldn't help but break down crying once I was alone.
I may not be a human, but I can't help but think the child is beautiful. It looks so small, cradled in Queen Sarah's arms, sleeping peacefully. I asked for permission to say a blessing over the child, before turning and walking away from the medical bay. I dragged my feet towards the ship's air lock, knowing what I had to do. Knowing what the Patriarchs would do to me if I they found out I gave away the X3. But before I could get there, Guardian Steve found me. "I owe you a debt I can never repay," he said, as he put his massive arms around me. It was so warm. He let me go and looked into my eyes. "You said the X3 was a bribe, right?" I nodded, and my eyes once again found the floor. "Look at me," he said, and when I looked into his eyes, somehow, I knew that everything would be all right. "You are one of us now," he declared, in a voice that dared anyone among the stars to try and tell him otherwise. "Now, I want you to tell me everything."

AN: I've been seeing a lot of comments that this subreddit tends to do only writing prompts lately, wo I thought I could throw my hat in the ring. There's a lot of stories I would love to write and write well, so I'm open to any criticism, I hope you enjoyed reading!
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Hi guys, about to move into a new house, and trying to decide where to put my music system (Goldenear triton R1’s, luxman integrated amp, naim streamer); I’ve got three choices, and would love to hear opinions on the best choice? 1) Room 11’ by 11’, ceiling 9feet, otherwise could keep empty of other things
2) Room 11’ by 14’, ceiling 9feet, but would have to fit an office desk/computer and maybe some book shelves as well.
3) Rec room, about 19’ by 23’, but would need to include TV/blu ray/stand etc into the same space
I‘m really stuck on this at the moment, would love to hear from others. I should say, until now I’ve been happy enough with this equipment in a less than ideal setup in the basement (speakers really close together), so I think any of these options would likely be a better arrangement. Many thanks
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I'm Tushar from BANGLADESH and I'm a Muslim. It's been long since I'm in this sub. I have tried making friends multiple times but it didn't work for me. I don't have friends in real life either ( i had some but they turned out to be something else ) . For that reason , i often remain sad , lonely and depressed. I have talked to many people here on reddit but they didn't last long. So I'm in need of a friend who's actually serious , kind , Caring and can help me with that. I promise I'll be the same to you as Long as we are nice to each other. Well , I don't really have much hobbies . I just listen to music and do studies as i don't have much works to do. Anyone is welcome to my chat. I'll adore you with utmost priority hihi. So Yeah I guess that's enough for now. I'll tell you more about me when we start talking. I'm hopeful I'll find a genuine friend this time .
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