LUMU is a hilarious AI.

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2021.11.29 18:34 CokeZero2022 LUMU is a hilarious AI.

I wish LUMU would just tell you that you suck each time you die tho
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2021.11.29 18:34 JustDragon Don Thibodeau settling family business 💔

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2021.11.29 18:34 Igobet Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | November 28 | 2022 NBA Season

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2021.11.29 18:34 youdiyou Ordering

Anyone know why some stores no longer offer online ordering? It was a lot easier to order online since I get lots of special order adjustments to make certain things vegetarian and now I feel bad asking for substitutions over the intercom. There's no doordash or ubereats available at my taco bell either. Just wondering why
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2021.11.29 18:34 zoevaughan5 This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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2021.11.29 18:34 SFWRyan AMA

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2021.11.29 18:34 madsciencer Not gaming exactly, but YouTube, pointers on how to dial it down?

I figured this would be a good sub to ask in, as both are non-physiological and can be huge time sinks. I want to quit wasting all my time with all the pointless bullshit fed to me by algorithms on Youtube, while still being able to use Youtube as the educational tool that it can be. What's the best evidence based advice? I am a pretty much a novice at quitting so I'm not exactly sure where to begin. Thank you!
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2021.11.29 18:34 Am_Obese_Panda [BO3] Can i get a way to complete Arena challenges? My old BO3 account has every challenge (Including hard to find ones) All weapons unlocked are gold including all 21 melee weapons. Apart from Fresh Start and Arena. I have everything. A way to get these would be cool.

[BO3] Can i get a way to complete Arena challenges? My old BO3 account has every challenge (Including hard to find ones) All weapons unlocked are gold including all 21 melee weapons. Apart from Fresh Start and Arena. I have everything. A way to get these would be cool. submitted by Am_Obese_Panda to CallOfDuty [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 18:34 aidankd Covid Travel Pass - how long after submitting the passport/video did it take to get the barcode?

Title - curious how long it took for you? I submitted mine at 8pm today is it likely to be completed tomorrow from your experience?
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2021.11.29 18:34 ItsallLegos 🎅🏼 Celebrate this Holiday Season with METASANTA! || 🤶 BUSD Rewards || ⛄️Trusted and Experienced Team || 🎉 Charities and Giveaways || ❄️ Fantastic Community || ⛷ Liquidity Locked || Audit Completed || Owner KYC Doxxed!! || 🛷 No “Team Wallet” || LIVE! 🚀🎄

Hold on to those Santa hats and ugly sweaters, For we are on a SLEIGH ride all the way to the stars!
Christmas time is officially here (yes, November 1st has come and gone), and we have the perfect project to spread that Yuletide cheer!
We have had 16 of Santa’s most trusted elves working around the clock, that have brought everyone something green to put in their chimney sock.
Cheer will indeed be spread in this season of cold weather, From iPhones won by holders To charity for those less fortunate that we can give altogether.
Santa is making his list and checking it twice, For this Christmas project is managed with integrity and cheer, that’s right!
So come join our merry band of Dad B0d SLEIGHers on Discord, on Reddit, on Telegram, on Twitter, On YouTube, on TikTok, on communities all over! (See what i did there)
More about MetaSanta
MetaSanta is not just another meme coin. It is a movement for the people, by the people & just in time for Christmas!
Part of the unique innovation of MetaSanta is that instead of enabling the marketing tax in the contract, the Marketing, Prize & Burn (MPB) Wallet will receive BUSD rewards along with the other wallets.
These rewards will be used to fund the project on an ongoing basis. The native tokens in the MPB Wallet are LOCKED. They cannot and will not be sold. We are rewarding our holders with passive income.
Liquidity has been locked to ensure we have the trust & safety our community deserves.
We have been audited by AuditRateTech to ensure our smart contract is safe and functions accordingly.
Along with verifying KYC & DOXXING to prove legitimacy.
Santa has surprise prizes and other gifts ready exclusively for holders, all year round!
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Here is the list of info for you to check twice, yourselves.
8% buy tax
-6% makes it snow in BUSD on holders
-2% gets iced into the Liquidity Pool
16% sell tax
-14% BUSD - even. More. Snow!
-2% to Liquidity
Owner KYC Doxxed
Contract Audit
No “team wallet”
Liquidity locked
Future utility and year round NFT’s in the works!
Future P2E and Metaverse in Santa’s list as well
Multiple Language Groups Incoming - Please Visit our Telegram Page for more info
Minimum wallet size is 75,000 tokens to receive BUSD rewards, so get in early while it’s cheap to do so!
Telegram Announcement Channel:
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2021.11.29 18:34 yellowpanda3 Best documentary/docuseries on this case?

I have listened to podcasts and read articles online, but what is the best and least bias documentary to start with in your opinion?
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2021.11.29 18:34 Duckreads "Care package, Let's get on that" - Octane 2021

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2021.11.29 18:34 CrowdSilencer Those of you who buy cloned perfume for men from retail shops, what's the best & closest ones to the originals you've ever bought?

Basically the title.
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2021.11.29 18:34 ItsFish26 Okay, show yourself whoever did this to r/Luthier

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2021.11.29 18:34 joao_phillipe_art [FOR HIRE] 2D artist looking for work. Illustration and concept art.

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2021.11.29 18:34 AbbieDagrin Leo Moon
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2021.11.29 18:34 BitchyBird Fully redacted repost to say that yes, I will be returning the money once it’s deposited. This is entirely because I don’t want to get into legal trouble though, remember that non profits can be immoral and unethical too.

Fully redacted repost to say that yes, I will be returning the money once it’s deposited. This is entirely because I don’t want to get into legal trouble though, remember that non profits can be immoral and unethical too. submitted by BitchyBird to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 18:34 cupcake_thievery Can someone explain to me why chokers are so popular?

I haven't seen them since like the 90s and yet now they're everywhere in this sub. I don't mean any offense, I'm just not sure why it's such a popular thing? Is it to hide an Adam's apple, or stubble, or is it just cause many people like them? Is it an identity thing? Is it actually not that popular but just over represented in this community? God I'm so old and out of touch lol
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2021.11.29 18:34 Unluckyducky73 Can anyone explain what USC dornsife is?

Im trying to actually figure out what USC Dornsife is and I’m unsure
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2021.11.29 18:34 Cttakashi1 Wanna make Coinbase shit their pants? Report them to the SEC whistleblower program- maybe win a million dollar prize for the tip

Or you can report them to Or you can report them to the FTC fraud department Or you can tweet @brian_armstrong and @iampaulgrewal (executives at Coinbase) Get creative. Do your part to stop the madness
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2021.11.29 18:34 Dimi02 ace clutch with a bit of lucky
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2021.11.29 18:34 justrelaxandshoegaze Stef +NOVAX +Tour?

Thinking about that shitpost about Stef's opinions regarding certain conspiracy theories - Specifically, his NOVAX stance...
Considering spring '22, how will Stef be able to tour any of the larger venues which require proof of vaccination upon entry? Will they end up snagging another guitar player for certain dates?
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2021.11.29 18:34 GuardianRayovac To clean or not to clean?

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2021.11.29 18:34 doihaveto9 Scientists say the world's largest organism is slowly being eaten

But I didn't see any bite marks on your mom
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2021.11.29 18:34 Leenolyak Picking a name?

I’m having the most difficult time picking a business name. I don’t really want my legal name to be the business name. I have like 5-7 name ideas but I can’t decide on one. How did you guys go about choosing?
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