How to upgrade my condo kitchen budget friendly ?

2021.11.29 19:09 jason6286 How to upgrade my condo kitchen budget friendly ?

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2021.11.29 19:09 Few-Perception-6728 I have a problem with my code. I watched the third video about Complete Platformer Tutorial by Shaun.

Hey guys, I am recreating the whole platform, and I came to the shooting part. So, here is the code that I have for the bullet. I have to point where I want to shoot using my cursor. I bolded the line for which I receive the error. Thank you in advance for your help!

image_angle = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y);

firingdelay = firingdelay - 1;
if (mouse_check_button(mb_left)) and (firingdelay < 0)

firingdelay = 5; **with (instance\_create\_layer(x,y, "Bullets", oBullet))** { speed = 25; direction = other.image\_angle + random\_range(-3,3); image\_angle = direction; } 
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2021.11.29 19:09 FlyingCantalope How do you handle spending money with your SO if you don’t have the same philosophy as her?

ve noticed that my lady of 1 year 2 months and I just don’t have the same philosophy on spending money. She grew up not stressing about money and had a very high tuition completely paid by her folks
I grew up working since I was like 13 years old. Came from a bit of a stressed financial upbringing and paid for my tuition.
I’m 32 now and just received a good paying job and am able to save a bit.
In the end; I still have the mentality of not wanting to get screwed by paying too much for anything or just being more loose with money.
She on the other hand, she’s not frivolous, but her friends husbands buy them expensive things, go out to eat all the time, pay for their vacations, etc..
Yes I do like to take her out but I’m just more humble and don’t like over spending..and she can’t stand it
She gets really stressed..I’d rather save now and spend later..she wants to live like you can die tomorrow in some ways..which isn’t bad..but I’m just not wired for it..
Anybody else relate? How do you navigate this?
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2021.11.29 19:09 aliensxyzzy With pineapple. First successful attempt at carbonation.

Not included in the pic: pineapple pieces around the kitchen sink, walls and ceiling. Was quite active even after refrigeration.
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2021.11.29 19:09 AirlineFlightsYT Can I get the mc cape even though I don’t have a mojang account?

I am still kinda new to Minecraft(got Java like a month ago) and saw the account moving thing. I never got a mojang account because I have a Microsoft one and just want to know if I can get the cape.
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2021.11.29 19:09 Anxiety_Cookie What's going on with my roseopicta (illustris?) Two latest leaves are not striped. Can it revert back? I added a grow light in these challenging times.

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2021.11.29 19:09 Upper-Outside1894 Alles was man braucht kommt rein
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2021.11.29 19:09 ScoNuff Hey New England

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2021.11.29 19:09 Warrocs Girl I'm seeing is very independent and I do not know how to treat her right

Hello, I've(M24) been dating a girl(F25) for maybe 3-4 weeks, we've been on 3 dates, date 1: we walked and talked, date 2: we got beers and kissed, date 3: We played horror games at my place and cuddled/kissed (no sex or sleepover). The conversations always runs smoothly and we have a lot of fun.
So she is a very hard nut to crack, she doesn't really say sweet stuff and she is usually joking, speaking her honest mind about something or roasting me (which is funny).
On text she is very short and to the point, almost seem uninterested and don't really intitiate texts. I can literally write a sincere 3 lines of text and she responds with like one word.
She didn't want to sleep over at my place, seemingly from empty principles when I asked her why, almost like stubbornness. She did not want to have sex either(which I guess is normal). She seems like the kind of person that wants people to think that she doesn't put up with shit, and she doesn't want to be easily courted.
She is also very busy, she is a nurse, and works a lot, and the times she doesn't work she often have plans with friends, so I get to see her maybe 1,5 weeks apart. When I ask her about just meeting for maybe 30 minutes or something, because we live close to each other, she is like "maybe" in almost a teasing way, it seems like I have to win her trust first, or like she plays a bit hard to get. She is also very practical, like always chooses duties over fun, makes the right decisions.
But the thing is, I actually really like her. I like her independence, I think it is hilarious when she is being short with me on text for example, and she also finds it funny when I tell her that I think she texts like an idiot. I also like to try and soften her up, to get behind that facade when we kiss and stuff. I am a pretty solo guy myself, I like my own company a lot, and I usually get really easy burned out and lose interest in the honeymoon phase if I succumb to the feelings of "I need to see her and cuddle all the time 5 months straight".
I want to hear from you guys how you would handle a girl like this? Is she to be shown love even though she returns it with a creative roast or does not reciprocate the love(I have been wondering if she likes sweet stuff but feels vulnerable if she just lets her guard down)? Or should I give her a lot of space seeing as she is busy?
I'm not trying to alter my personality and be someone I'm not. I will always continue to be myself, but I want to court her, and want to hear if anyone have experience dealing with busy, independent, seemingly tough people?
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2021.11.29 19:09 OtherworldlyWanderer Putting LH songs into A.I image generator. Final part. Part 7 Misc songs

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2021.11.29 19:09 vorteeeeeeeeex Toxic behaviour SINN3RRRRRRRRRR

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2021.11.29 19:09 ColJameson Fuck them kids. 😇

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2021.11.29 19:09 EthanPaPeach hey guys I did a Lil cover of Amsterdam :))

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2021.11.29 19:09 SaidBl1 Maticverse Team :

Game Launch: Friday, 3rd December BSC and Polygon
Rewards and cooldowns (For fights vs inferior, equal and superior respectively) Basics: XP (6 hour cooldown) Golds: XP (5 hour cooldown) Blues: $3, $4, $5 (6 hour cooldown) Purple: $6, $7.50, $9 (5 hour cooldown) Legendary: $8, $10, $12 (5 hour cooldown)
NFT prices: $125 for one $337.5 for a pack of 3 $500 for a pack of 5
Burns: a burn button will be added where you can burn your basics and golds to blues

When 4 points are accrued, you will be airdropped a random blue NFT (Airdrops will be scheduled at 30-60 minute intervals)
Chainlink AMA
Certik Audit Progress
Thanks, Maticverse Team
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2021.11.29 19:09 anime_nokkia Tips for ranked?

Ok so I’m pretty much stuck plat 4 and can’t really make any progress past Any tips to hopefully get to Diamond
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2021.11.29 19:09 mafiankka Question about stencil and shaving cream

So I'd like to do a background dye with shaving cream method for a disc I've been workin on now. I've heard that with shaving cream, there is a possibility for this oramask plastic (sorry english isn't my native) to start bleeding since there are so many air bubbles in shaving cream. So would glue make a better result than oramask? As in covering the stencil in the disc. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.29 19:09 mariithakidd Clip-Dreddxxx Emily Renee Pawgemily Snowbunnyemily And Dredd

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2021.11.29 19:09 crimson_corpse_ World review

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2021.11.29 19:09 KratomLover6969 Getting a chick pregnant on the clock?

I was up front one day and this fine young lady of legal age wanted me to ring her up. Well next thing you know the eye contact was just right and the interaction makes it way to the parking lot. Long story short I may of gotten a chick pregnant on the clock. Will this be an issue or should I just keep it to myself. Serious answers only please.
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2021.11.29 19:09 Interesting_Ad_9856 Dawson's House in Wilmington

Just curious if anyone knows the entire history of the house, and also whether or not they know if the owners might be allowing visitors again anytime in the near future now that the pandemic has calmed down in the US, with vaccines and what not. I know before Covid they were allowing tourists left and right, putting videos of the interactions on Instagram and what not. I was all set to go in 2020 until covid hit!
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2021.11.29 19:09 Oni-Rinku Watts,Pietro, and Penny

One thing that has bothered me is that the only explanation for Watts hating Ironwood and Pietro so much is just because Ironwood chose Pietro's project over Arthur's (and I don't think we're ever even told what exactly Watts's project was. Though I know a lot of people say Watts came up with the idea of the paladin).
So why not make it so that Watts was actually the guy who first came up with the idea of a being like Penny, a robot that could blend in with humans. But his earlier models and attempts were basically just like the Atlesian Knights, no soul, no personality at all just a mechanical soldier. Eventually Watts creates what would eventually become Penny. But again this Penny is just a mechanical soldier that only looks human. Ironwood said the project had no merit, then Pietro comes around and does his thing where he gives Penny a part of his aura, which lets her develop her own aura and an actual personality beyond what was just programmed into her. Ironwood approves the PENNY project and Watts gets furious because in his mind Pietro basically stole his idea, his creation/daughter and is now claiming credit for her. This could give Watts an actual reason to hate Ironwood and Pietro, and could give him more of a connection to Penny beyond just hacking her.
It could also create an interesting arc for Penny, Watts could claim he is her real father because he is the one who actual built and created her, but Pietro is the one who gave her a soul.
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2021.11.29 19:09 readsbackwards Return check lost in mail as of 11/21 need help

My return was originally filed Feb and amended April, my transcript says it was processed October 11th and i've been tracking the updates. I'm financially destitute as this point and I specifically signed up for money via my bank account for my return and my stimulus. I'm so broke I finally had to cancel my private mailbox because it was something I used while homeless during the pandemic to receive mail.
Welp, bad news my return appeared in my Informed USPS Delivery email 20 days after cancelling my mailbox, but with the address redacted. So the check disappeared and went back to the IRS on 11/21. Other bad news, my building manager won't change the call box to say my name, I've heard USPS refuses to deliver certain mail if the call box isn't correct. is that true?
I need advice about WHO and WHEN to call to get my address fixed without using mail to get the check sent to my new address; as I desperately need the return. HOW do I get this fixed ASAP?
tysm for any advice about reaching them, I'm so stressed at this point, i can't even navigate what to do, I know they have an address changing system that takes months, I just need faster solutions. Thanks IRS
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2021.11.29 19:09 DingusTickler007 I have a confession

I’m not asexual
I^ just^ like^ garlic^ bread^
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2021.11.29 19:09 BonesAreMoney How is Kendall’s stock worth 2 Billion now?

In season 1 Stewy and Sandy offer him “half a bil” for his full share of Waystar and now it’s 2 billion.
I think we can assume both offers are inflated to get a desired result but even if they are imbalanced, it still seems like a notable jump.
1) There was no big acquisition like Pierce as planned
2) They reference the shakiness of the stock often so we can’t assume the price has been steadily charging for 2-3 years
3) waystar is also referred to in old media/old company terms so I don’t think we’re supposed to think it has start-up or Tesla-like potential for growth. Maybe a bump when the proxy battle is over but not 4x. ( I think disney did the best of traditional media over the last few years and that’s something like 70% growth)
What happened?
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2021.11.29 19:09 lord_flamebottom Brunchie Box?

I feel like I am going insane here. The only Munchie Menu item I've ever purchased at Jack-In-The-Box was called the "Brunchie Box". It wasn't the Munchie Meal with a breakfast burger, it was the breakfast burger with 8 mini pancakes and a hash brown (and small drink). I got one to eat last Friday. I mentioned it to my friends today and went to pull up a picture online for them, and I can't find anything. Nothing about it ever existing. I can't even find it on the app or website or anything. The only thing I can find is the previously mentioned breaskfast burger with the Munchie Meal.
Does this exist???
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