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Starbuck Union-Busting message

2022.01.19 02:29 MystKillVearn Starbuck Union-Busting message

Starbuck Union-Busting message
Union is the natural ally of the left and will help Democrats retain their majority in the midterms. Join the union is our best hope to counter Big Corps corrupt Democracy and check the anti-democracy authoritarian GOP's coup to overturn the election results.
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2022.01.19 02:29 LeopardWeekly6240 LOO1EC add me?

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2022.01.19 02:29 SpartyEngineer16 [XB1][XBX][PS4][PS5] 💎Diamond Seller💎 Selling 2k22 mt $8/100k. Also buying. Over 550 positive reviews!

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2022.01.19 02:29 Petekd07 Cherry shrimp or chilly Rasbora eggs? Anyone know what it is?

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2022.01.19 02:29 stingermamabee Sorry man, but I just can't tell you what you wanna know!

I can't understand what part of "I can't verify that information" some of these people don't understand. I'm a little irritated as it's been a long week and this jagoff is the cherry on top of a cruddy week.
Jagoff: Excuse me, but can you tell me if my girlfriend Trish (made up name) has checked in?
Me: I'm sorry, but I can't verify that for security and privacy reasons.
Jagoff: You can't tell me if she's here? I'm her boyfriend. Her name is Trish, she's pregnant and I'm worried.
Me: Are you able to call her on the phone?
Jagoff: I tried, but she isn't answering. I brought money to pay for a night on her room, can you just tell me if she checked in already?
Me: I'm sorry, but no I can't do that, as I said for security reasons.
Jagoff: But, she's pregnant! By me! I'm worried about her!
Me: Again, I can't tell you if she's here or not, but what I can do is after you leave, if we have anyone by that name here I can give them a call and ask them to contact you. Or you can contact our local police if you think there's a safety concern with her and they can perform a welfare check if needed.
Jagoff gets pissed and walks out

Bro, I don't know you. I don't know why you're freaking out trying to get in touch with your pregnant girlfriend. Surely if you're in a relationship and she wants you to help pay for her room, she'd tell you where she is and in what room? I'm sorry, but we have way too many incidents of women fleeing from men in our hotel and this guys demeanor about his pregnant girlfriend who's pregnant BY HIM made me very sketched out.
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2022.01.19 02:29 ShawnAlvarez1616 How long can I wear a man bun for?

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2022.01.19 02:29 SarcasticCynic67 The Face/Off Round 2: Taylor Hill v Diana Agron

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2022.01.19 02:29 _Helly- I am all ears for some room of correction!!

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2022.01.19 02:29 slamajamdingdong Milo the OG

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2022.01.19 02:29 LilDova Are hackers a thing in this game?

I've started playing about three days ago, after never playing the game before. Firstly, is cheaters in this game a thing? Because I've encountered several times players who played card who just can't possibly be played together with that amount of alixer. Just now- a prince, two wizards, and a Valkyrie, it's not possible for all of these to be played together.
Also, I've heard about players that intently go back to lower arenas with their better cards just for the hell of it? What gives?
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2022.01.19 02:29 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.19 02:29 AM_COLORBLIND_AMA Accidently washed gravel in dishwashed bowl

Hi all! I'm a newbie here, and don't have fish yet. While setting up my aquarium, I accidentally washed some gravel in a dishwashed bowl.
Additionally, I used a new colander to further clean the gravel.
Is the gravel + colander still safe to use for the aquarium, now that they've potentially come in contact with soap? Is there anything I can do to clean the gravel/colander from soap exposure?
Thanks so much!
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2022.01.19 02:29 chedddar Thank you for the crochet supplies! u/rethenut

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2022.01.19 02:29 thejacksoncage12 Marisa Miller - January 2022

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2022.01.19 02:29 VodkaFairy Clocking Out when you don't have clients?

I work at a big box gym, which has worked for me so far because I only want part time work.
But recently they decided to essentially give us a pay cut. Instead of just paying us less though, they want us to clock out when there isn't a consultation or client on the schedule. We get 30 minutes of "client management" for every 5 clients we have that we would get paid for as well.
I am an employee, not a contractor and when I was hired I was told I would make a set amount from sessions and then an hourly wage when not training. The PT department was given a significant raise in the fall, then recently we were told about this policy change. My GM went as far as to tell me to reschedule regular clients so I wouldn't have to clock out if a gap didn't fill.
It feels sketchy to ask us to clock out during our available hours, and I'm wondering if it is? Had anyone else had a similar experience?
To be clear, I'm not going to be clocking out. I think it's incredibly disrespectful to my time and the value I bring to the gym. I don't need the paycheck so I can and will leave if it cannot be resolved.
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2022.01.19 02:29 Winomom21 Women of reddit, how would you react to makeup disappearing?

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2022.01.19 02:29 FallCompetitive7976 19-January I am still here

It is 19-January 05:29. I am troubled.
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2022.01.19 02:29 Privacy_74 Interesting CNN Segment On The Backlash Liberal Parents Faced For Opposi...

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2022.01.19 02:29 SudokuRandych Yet another attempt at fighting almost blind.

Yet another attempt at fighting almost blind. I can't afford new GPU. Rip.
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2022.01.19 02:29 VicsRepulsiv Is it weird that no one FaceTimes me or anything like that?

FaceTimes are always weird for me to be honest sometimes I’m not very comfortable with the person and don’t know what to talk about so it ends with us staring at each other. However this year I’ve felt more confident but now no one wants to call me or hang out. Which makes me feel left out because all my friends call each other and post about their great time on their stories. Sure I message people but we don’t talk other than in person. Which is why lockdowns are my worst times socially.
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2022.01.19 02:29 Mary-Trustyn-Wise We are approaching to the spiritual doom

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2022.01.19 02:29 2noame Durham Guaranteed Basic Income to select 129 participants from pool of formerly incarcerated people

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2022.01.19 02:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [ZA] - SAPS will not pay for Richard Mdluli’s legal bills | IOL

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2022.01.19 02:29 iamwrene Wrené - Exile (360 Visualizer)

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2022.01.19 02:29 Coloradobluesguy I have had tumors spread throughout my body, I have a very strong support system through my friends, however I feel alone because I don’t want to burden them with the things I’m going through.

I feel really guilty about venting to people, I feel bad when talking about my problems because everyone has problems and they don’t need to hear my problems because they are just going to depress people over the fact that my future looks bleak at best. What makes this worse is I think my Dr’s are withholding information on my prognosis because they think it’s for my own good.
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