Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter [Mystery](2001)

Karin Slaughter has 117 books on Goodreads with 2829023 ratings. Karin Slaughter’s most popular book is Pretty Girls. The Family Values Tour was created by the American nu metal band Korn in 1998 to be an annual rock and hip hop tour. The first tour took place in 1998 and the second tour in 1999, but the tour took a hiatus in 2000 due to heavy competition from the Anger Management Tour, the Summer Sanitarium Tour, and others.The Family Values Tour happened again in 2001 before taking another hiatus, this time ... In just 100 days in 1994, about 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda by ethnic Hutu extremists. They were targeting members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as their political ... The Pyramid Texts are the oldest ancient Egyptian funerary texts, dating to the late Old Kingdom.They are the earliest known corpus of ancient Egyptian religious texts. Written in Old Egyptian, the pyramid texts were carved onto the subterranean walls and sarcophagi of pyramids at Saqqara from the end of the Fifth Dynasty, and throughout the Sixth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, and into the ...

2022.01.24 19:00 RedditReadsBot Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter [Mystery](2001)

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2022.01.24 19:00 jarrolight22 Possible teaser of more Ezreal content from a VA

Not sure if this has been discussed here before but a few months back the Latin American VA for Ezreal made some interesting posts on his Instagram. He posted close up images of a 3D model for Ezreal. Some blood is on his shirt. The posts require an Instagram account to see them but fortunately I found a convenient post on Twitter for you and me to look at. It is the only reason I know this exists.
Does anyone have any theories about this? I thought it could be teasing Project F but the model does not look the same. It could be nothing which I hope not.
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2022.01.24 19:00 Slopz_ Scarra has a good point

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2022.01.24 19:00 oRedHood Hidden Love

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2022.01.24 19:00 perc30heardme if u ordered some shit on amazon and u live on 64th, would u end up getting the pack or nah

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2022.01.24 19:00 Reclusive129 Digital Painting from Deviant Art - Help with identifying

need help finding artist or info on name of this . thnx
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2022.01.24 19:00 Sililex Has anyone seen this guy's (Pyke Smite) Sion Script? it's so gross

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2022.01.24 19:00 icesstriker [Offer] iBotta: $14 Offer ($10 from them, $4 from me) [US Only]

Sign up for iBotta using my referral link, select a name brand offer from store, and redeem a receipt with the name brand offer. You will receive a $10 bonus ($5 any offer bonus and $5 buddy bonus) once you redeem the receipt. After confirmation, I will send you $4 via Paypal/Cashapp/Venmo.
Submit a recent grocery receipt (past 7 days) with a name brand offer that you'll select in the store's page. Name brand offer does not include any brand item, such as Any Item, Any Hummus, Any Ice Cream, etc. The minimum balance to cash out is $20, where you can either cash out to Paypal/Venmo or various gift cards (Old Navy, Whole Foods, Target, etc).
iBotta is a rebate app where you can scan/upload your most recent grocery receipts and receive rebates on select purchases. If you shop a lot of name brand items, then use iBotta to get back money on your grocery purchases.
I will make payment through Paypal/Cashapp/Venmo when you have signed up using my referral, redeemed a name brand offer, and the iBotta app confirms it.
Bidder's overall karma must be 10+ and account age must be over one month old. If not, bid will be ignored.
If you're interested, post $bid. I will send you a referral link, where you'll create your account and submit a grocery store receipt with an iBotta offer added in. Afterward, send me a message with your first name and the day you signed up using my link.
Proof of payment: Proof 1
Proof 2
I have other /signupforpay posts available. Consider checking them out!
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2022.01.24 19:00 wtfbtc_ Updated Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0015 BCH Weekly Median: $0.0007 BTC Next Block: $0.55 BTC Weekly Median: $0.41

Updated Bitcoin transaction fees:  

Source: Bitcoin Transaction Fee Estimator | 🚀
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Don't have any Bitcoin Cash yet? Buy BCH & get $10 free 💰
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2022.01.24 19:00 Ascalaphos NSW recorded 18,512 total new cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8PM last night (25/01/2022)

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2022.01.24 19:00 keeprpa Any Devers collectors have dupe parallel(s) for my dupe parallels? Anything really works just looking to add new ones for some dupes.

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2022.01.24 19:00 Comfortable_Plant409 I (29F) am going through massive, cultural shunning. I run a business and it's out of control.

Culture: Indian American.
100% abstinent virgin, beauty queen, entrepreneur, extremely well educated, etc. with a rare disease called trimethylaminuria dealing with extensive shunning. My condition is under control except for my periods, where I'm always on bedrest.
Context: I filed a federal lawsuit against my ex, A, who tried and failed to rape me anally. He started defaming me nonstop when I decided to go ahead with getting the police report filed and him sent in for questioning and threw me in the middle of an extortion ring run by federal felons. I was severely traumatized by this and could barely function all of 2019. He twisted around all of my worst personal traumas—confiding in him the degree of physical/emotional/verbal abuse to which my Mom subjected me, having to undergo hours and hours of reconstructive oral maxillofacial surgeries after medical malpractice, being bullied at summer camps including UChicago, having to hire physician scientists to help me—all over the Internet. It was horrifying, and then the extortion ring expanded the original libel nonstop. It then got much worse in 2020 when a married lawyer having an affair with my neighbor scapegoated me as well. He went on Facebook bashing me when he thought I’d expose his affair. He even tried to make it go into Cosmopolitan UK before a distant acquaintance saw it and got that shut down on the spot. And then, by 2021, a girl (M) mad that her then bf then ex now husband (S) dumped her multiple times for me so took private emails and my private lawsuit and turned it into international headline news. I can’t explain how much Hell I’ve been through in my life; it’s far beyond what anyone should have to endure and the fact that I’m making a lot off the orphan drug saving my life isn’t enough to make up for what’s happened to me for three years, nonstop, to the point my brother can’t get any Indian girl to go out with him.
S denied our relationship timeline and twisted around facts; M’s smear campaign includes “HIV sugar baby gold digger who likes it up the ass with anal sexual toys, raped as a freshman, sexually abused as a child, goes on Seeking Arrangements etc.”
First of all, this is defamation per se, as it impugns my chastity. But more specifically, medical records show I don’t have HIV and haven’t ever had anything inserted anally. I went to a doctor in my home state, Jean Jaffke MD, who had to perform my anal exam under general anesthesia due to how sensitive I am. She’s written an affidavit certifying the truth. I’m suing M and that will prove she made the fake account in my name. As I said above, my ex tried to rape me with a dildo and he put a gun to my head. Having parts of my absolute worst traumas minimized and then ridiculed in the press and in a community incapable of critical reading skills is beyond. M is objectively unattractive and nowhere near my level in appearance, education, achievement, virtue, etc. She has no right to use my sister’s freshman year rape to defame me. Nor does she have the right to accuse my Mom of sexually abusing me.
M didn’t stop and hasn’t stopped bullying me. She’s a sociopath.
Her attacks have been ceaseless for months and months and months. M wiretapped conversations with my fake friend Heather C G F who also gave her copies of old Skype logs with my ex.
M then audio edited my conversations to put words in my mouth using Hindenburg and my Skype logs to accuse my mom of “sexually abusing me,” me being “raped as a freshman,” me “hiring homework companies,” etc. to attack my credibility of my 100% abstinent virginity. Why? (1) because my Mom reported M to the federal court for eavesdropping and federal wiretapping bullying and (2) because she’s mad to be the rebound girl.
I cut off Heather, who I previously thought was my friend. It turns out she was feeding my lawsuit defendants and my ex A information to sink my lawsuit; she went out of her way to undermine me for years, but what she did re S and M is the biggest betrayal of my life. She helped M in screwing me over.
M then told S to arrange for mass humiliation on Reddit and Discord shifting to in person, including many, many, many people abusing me through proxy. I was warned on a suicide watch page on August 20 to “expect the unexpected” on August 22, so I booked an early morning train to Seattle on August 21. I wound up getting my period, though, so I canceled before going to the station. Normally, every period cycle, I’m in bedrest for 5 days because my symptoms are uncontrollable and very uncomfortable for others, on top of severe dysmenorrhea bleeding that comes with constant changing. I can’t fly on my periods for this reason. The next day, August 22, a strange black man was outside my door around 7:25 pm, so I didn’t open. Like clockwork, S and M planned a public humiliation episode by having two cars on both entrances of my house, terrifying me because the black car looked like it might be the FBI. I escaped before S and M could come up to me but I didn’t realise they recruited the ENTIRE Indian community in NYC, Chicago, etc. to the point both the Uber driver and the taxi driver were ‘moles’ for S. I first left in my period bath robe (I’m usually in bedrest every menstrual cycle) to get on a train and I saw them in his car. I was in tremendous physical pain as I rarely walk or leave my bed on my periods, on top of being so symptomatic it can fill an entire bus. There's nothing I can do to control that aspect of my symptoms, which is why I've worked very hard for 17+ years at this point to get enzyme replacement therapy for myself. Back to the story, so I then went from the bus to McDonald’s, then ordered an Uber. The Uber driver I ordered then called S w my location (going to a hotel). After that, I got to the hotel but the front desk lady got an email and refused to give me a room, telling me to walk to the other hotel. I get to hotel 2 and it’s all Indian people telling me they don’t take cash. They’re all typing furiously on their phones and refusing to help me. I cry and try to explain I’m being tortured and am escaping a DV situation, I then called and begged my idiotic mom for money on my card to check in that way. She’s quite dumb so she told me to go back to the house, not listening to me when I told her why I ran. I kept crying and asked this smarmy Indian receptionist for help so she called an Indian taxi driver, apparently to take me to a domestic violence shelter. When I get in the taxi, I look at the address and it’s a homeless shelter. I realize immediately that S wants to humiliate me in public painting me as homeless, so I told the driver to take me to the Newark train station. 45 minutes later, S calls and the taxi driver said he’s leaving me at Newark train station. S then drove 2 hours to Newark to take photos of me sleeping before my early morning train ride, ostensibly to post on social media. Even more terrifyingly, he had people from Reddit recruited to watch me on said train, telling them I’m suicidal and he’s worried about my mental stability. When I left the train from Newark to Philadelphia and got back there at least 1 Indian guy followed me with a very creepy smile.
Then, after that, multiple people from different backgrounds all from Reddit all given fake information from M then stalked me on the train. It was incredibly disturbing and distressing bc I was sitting there from Pittsburgh to Chicago freaking out that I was being targeted with libel and slander. I stupidly left my computer stuff at the station so I de boarded and went to the Apple Store thinking I might go to jail on false charges if S gets his way. I figured, OK, I’ll get off the train in Chicago and go to the Apple Store. So I get off, go there, and then notice EVEN MORE Indian people following me, mostly young but even a very old uncle, followed by random white people. It was insane, there were like thousands that came and went, giving S real time updates on my whereabouts. I’m sure he told them I’m crazy etc. S then called the Apple Store and told them to commit me to a mental hospital. I told the Apple Store representative what was going on etc. and he let me hide in the corporate office. However, when I got there, I started panicking that I might get arrested, so I ran from there and took a walk outside. More Indians followed indirectly, it was a different person every time. I kept changing my location but people kept following me. I freaked out and then decided, stupidly, to go to northwestern memorial hospital thinking I could hide in the ER for a few hours and then wait for my idiot Dad to come get me. At least 8 strange Indian people then waited in the ER plus S called them, forcing the ER people to admit me to psych immediately. I begged a nurse to let me get admitted to medical first, thinking I could get a discharge.
When I got there, inside, M and S painted me as psychotic when I’m not and manipulated the ER doctors to claim I have a history of psychosis. M then said I was raped as a child, was on a sugar baby website Seeking Arrangements looking for sugar daddies, and am lying about my abstinent virginity. (It’s my proudest achievement.) The ER resident didn’t believe me, M turned millions of people against me to marry into a billionaire family. M is a horrible woman very angry that Saahill dumped her ugly ass for me so set about ruining me. Long story short, S worked overtime to eavesdrop on the interview with the psychiatrist and then call daily to the mental hospital.
M manipulated the other psychiatrist into saying I’m too stupid for Oxford so must have forged transcripts, raped as a child, raped as a freshman, sugar baby looking for sugar daddies big rich guys many men, and so on. S believed M over me and was savagely using proxies at the hospital to mock me. I’m not crazy, psychotic, unstable, unwell, or anything else. Perhaps my only crime is being smart, virtuous, and beautiful to the point it caused severe jealousy in the much less impressive M.
The day I was discharged, S and M staged a humiliation episode caught on my doorbell camera, kissing and being obnoxious, with M showing off her engagement ring. Etc. Of course, S didn’t tell people the actual truth, that I ended it with him, because of his ego.
It got worse.
Upon returning to Michigan from Chicago, S had my mom’s real estate agent and thousands of people call me an unqualified loser, track my whereabouts, etc. to cover for M abusing me in the international press. All of September and October, everyone from the handyman helping us move out of our house to real estate agents to others took photos of me and asked if I went to college. During this time, M made imitation posts about me on Reddit fatFIRE implying I’m a homeless crazy gold digger who isn’t a lawyer or well educated. I filed my lawsuit against A as a pro se law student and M mocked me on the front page of the newspaper calling me an unqualified loser etc. it took so, so much courage at my absolute lowest point to fight for justice, and then I got beaten down by cruel defendants, beaten down by a man having an extramarital affair and scapegoating me, and then beaten down by a power tripper plus the international press, and now an entire community. I shut down 60% of an extortion ring by myself, an incredible achievement, but that’s besides the point, the people on Reddit weren’t given my side or my lawsuit, just M’s narrative. Every single day. I lost a $2M M&A opportunity because of it and had to shutter my business. Several VCs cancelled meetings, a clear cut case of tortious interference. My sales numbers went so down upon my ex A’s libel and I could barely survive after that. I switched to something extremely high paying that’s still entrepreneurial but my plans have been delayed again.
My parents are idiots and they don’t understand Machiavellian social dynamics. It then went from shunning online to reaching my entire family, my sister stalked and insulted at her job, my brother getting ghosted by Indian girls when they learn I’m his older sister, etc. My Mom is an idiot, as I’ve said, so more social shunning to her is irrelevant to her and she doesn’t pick up on anything, and my Dad turned nasty after he got cancer.
The point is that nobody talks to me online or in person. I’m fine with this since I’ve given up on arranged marriage and have decided to marry a non-Indian, but my brother isn’t. The Reddit group where S bashed me the most is run by extremely wealthy people, all of whom are potential husband material and business client material. I sell, well used to sell, expensive items made by special order. These people comprise a very large number of men located throughout the world who have all been briefed that I’m a psychotic gold digger sugar baby looking for sugar daddies. As a result, those who were nice to me before have since shunned me online. I’ve also been blocked from private member clubs in London bc S told the London division of the Reddit pages that I’m a prostitute sugar baby looking for “big rich men” sugar daddies etc. M is worthless and I reported her to the police.
I’m an abstinent virgin. I was housebound and mostly bedridden from age 12 on and never got to develop the normal way. I thus have extreme talent in what I do, almost entirely because my life circumstances are so different from others. I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone how horrible my adolescence and most of my 20s have been. Having to order carry outs, having to find scientists to help me help myself, putting together teams of people to achieve the goal, finding a way to build myself a network online years before Covid, having to give up a top MD program by week 2 due to the harsh reality that my symptoms would never be fully under control, snide comments, etc. On the surface, I have superstar looks combined with high intelligence and virtue, but my invisible disability forced me to develop differently than other Indians. Basically, the worst Hell on earth. Nobody wanted to date me normally because I never left the house, so my parents and I agreed an arranged marriage made more sense for me given my unique situation. M, like the ugly loser she is, then falsely made an account using my beauty pageant photographs on some prostitution website called Seeking Arrangements. On top of falsely accusing me of premarital, anal sexual toys, HIV, etc. all because I’m a huge threat to her. S left M for me multiple times.
I’m still actively being stalked as S sent a blond guy to sit in the hotel lobby last Tuesday and it was terrifying. S is still keeping tabs on me. We are living in a hotel while trying to find a new house since our old house sold faster than expected. He even accused me of “taking his name” when I never did. My social media is mostly taken down, even LinkedIn. I’m honestly at a point where the insults about prostitution and impugning my chastity are insane. I was suicidal on Saturday. I deleted my defense of myself online but I don’t know what I can do beyond lay low?
TL;DR: I'm being bullied en masse and I don't know what to do.
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2022.01.24 19:00 madguins Cast in other old shows

I’m rewatching Monk (big favorite of mine) which ran 2002-2009 and there are so many actors from supernatural. Makes sense since it’s a procedural show but so far I’ve seen crawley, cas, zachariah, Mary Winchester, chuck, and even Osiris so far.
I know this thread has been done before but it’s always a fun discussion so hopefully it’s allowed. What have you been watching recently that has cast you mainly associate with supernatural in it?
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2022.01.24 19:00 pompistor Opis elevena

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2022.01.24 19:00 DaJoe86 Highest non-raid CP I've found in the wild. Stats are meh, though.

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2022.01.24 19:00 Moutaz89 Street night - [1440x3120]

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2022.01.24 19:00 ShameDoe How do you handle current boss being contacted for a reference?

I hope to have this problem soon. Don't want them to know i'm looking. If i get an offer, just planning on immediately e-mailing manager to say i have used him as a reference, hope that's ok, etc, to pre-empt them contacting (could ASK if it's ok, but then they might already contact him before he replies to me?). This manager i have never actually met in person, only seen once via webcam, so e-mail rather than phone feels appropritate. Actually i'm uncomfortable with him even giving me a reference when he's had such minimal contact with me, but hey ho, recruiters are obsessed with insisting on "a manager", even if that's not the person that actually deals with you (the supervisor deals with me).
Just wondering how others deal with this situation?
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2022.01.24 19:00 radelynmadelyn Me: maybe I’ll try getting Sapphire and Jeeves next. It’ll probably take awhile but it’d be nice to start!…… Sapphire and Jeeves 2 minutes later:

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2022.01.24 19:00 SocialistDad15 Detangling the Extraction Mindset

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2022.01.24 19:00 mrcarrot9 The remnants of a V1 launch pad from ww2 near Lettele, the Netherlands.400 V1's were launched from this place Between the 16th of December 1944 and 29th of March 1945.

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2022.01.24 19:00 glassefactory Monsta X Lives a Life Of Love in Their Album ‘The Dreaming’

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2022.01.24 19:00 Tek_tubien First montage of the year!

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2022.01.24 19:00 tubaintothewildfern "I Was Sacked For Being A Muslim", Tory Ex-Minister Claims

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2022.01.24 19:00 farklinkbot Fire safety building catches fire

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2022.01.24 19:00 NotRealOpinions Sienna Miller

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