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2022.01.19 00:51 ConfidentArmadillo95 LO is saying our bank account is closed. Is this a glitch?

The LO is saying that our bank account is closed and to change it in the portal. The bank account is not closed and it is the same account I got the first and second EIDL loans. I cannot change it to our secondary checking account in the portal. Is this a glitch?
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2022.01.19 00:51 grymar93 NEW LEDX SPAWN LIGHTHOUSE

dont rewind the vod
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2022.01.19 00:51 myverypunnydad Wow, you all like my corny dad jokes?

Aw, shucks.
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2022.01.19 00:51 LowMonk9 Not able to unscrew Kohler kitchen faucet bonnet. Tried soaking with vinegar and water mixture overnight and also tried with strap wrench but no luck. Any suggestions please?

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2022.01.19 00:51 LaughsYouBetcha Hey Mom, I'm sorry for being so negative

I want so badly to cheer you up instead of dumping negativity on you, but it's so hard to think of something good to say when there isn't much particularly good happening in my life. :(
Between my health continuing to be rough and being on perpetual hold to see the next doctor and other family members having health issues and just so many "little" things, it doesn't feel like I have anything good to share.
How do I talk about positive things when I'm not well enough to do positive things? I used to be the cheerleader of the family and I feel so bad that I'm such a downer lately. I want to make people smile and laugh again.
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2022.01.19 00:51 morganowakowski Possible SCP idea

Hello! I have been trying to make an account on the SCP website in order to add my SCP idea to the forums for feedback but the confirmation email for my account hasn’t come yet. I’m really interested in possibly sharing my SCP, so if anyone has any tips on how to successfully create an account and get the activation email, it would be highly appreciated! Thank you :)
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2022.01.19 00:51 Bongzilluh Is saying "thats gay" hate speech if its not something overtly gay?

is it always hate speech? is it only hate speech when said in a derogatory manner?
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2022.01.19 00:51 irishace88 [Dane Moore] Karl-Anthony Towns introduced Jaylen Nowell as "6th Man of the Year" when he sat down for his postgame press conference.

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2022.01.19 00:51 Tactical_L Pirate Theory to Panda Praxis: A Guide on Bringing the Air Raid to Your Dynasty, Stage One point Five: Leach Posting

Warning: this post contains high quantities of what some air raid fans know as "Leach Posting" the following has zero plays and does not expand on the playbook begun in part one whatsoever. This post does contain high amounts of rambling, lots of theory from a gaming chair head coach, and overall focuses much more on the air raid than specifically it's application to NCAA. If you are just interested in running a pseudo-realistic air raid playbook in your dynasty, phase two is coming at the end of the week, otherwise enjoy the post.
So you've gotten your nine plays down, maybe you've won a natty, maybe you've broken your school's passing yards record. Either way you're ready to move on, however even if you've been able to make your team better this series isn't supposed to make your team better, it's about making you better. So today we're going to talk theory. Mostly for the air raid, but also some things for a more general application to offense as a whole.
First of all, let's talk about the no-huddle. A common misconception that even the CPU holds is that no-huddle is about maximizing the number of snaps and going fast. While maximization the number of plays you can get per game, plays per game and time of possession are paradoxically not at odds with each other. In the 2021 season Mike Leach's Mississippi State Bulldogs had the highest average time of possession in the SEC (tied 6th in the nation) while averaging 74.9 plays per game, second in the SEC only to Ole Miss (78.2). The utility of the no-huddle comes in the rules of the game. If you've ever watched a football game you've probably noticed a ref standing over the ball before plays. That is because the defense can freely substitute players without having to worry about the offense snapping the ball before everyone gets on/off the field in two circumstances: 1) the offense substitutes players, or 2) the offense goes into a huddle. By not huddling you're able to tie the defense's hands and force them to play with what they've got. This can be used to your advantage to keep mismatches for potentially an entire drive. One more extreme example is if you were in a 1st and goal from the 1 and the defense sends in a goal line personnel, if you put out a couple receivers no matter what happens as long as you keep running no huddle the defense will be forced to play with 5 or 6 defensive lineman while you can run your passing game. For a less extreme example, if the defense sends out a 4-3 personnel package then by not huddling you can stop them from putting in an extra DB to stop your passing game.
The second dimension of exploiting the no-huddle is stamina. For the most part your o-line can sustain a drive without being totally gassed while the defensive linemen wont. The reason for this I actually don't know entirely (I think it has to do with the fact that in pass blocking you're more trying to just divert where as with pass rushing you have to actively get through a 300 something pound man), but regardless of why it happens, as your drive goes on, and as the game goes on the defense will get more and more exhausted and have more and more slip ups. Sticking to the principle of spreading the ball around will also keep your skill positions from tiring out too soon as you're able to call plays that require less effort of some and more effort of others but the defense doesn't know where you plan to throw the ball to and have to go all gas every play. All that I've previously covered (so long as I haven't been fed bad knowledge) legitimately applies to real life football and if any of it doesn't I have full confidence that a short dive into the comments will let it be known. This last bit is pure speculation based on zero empirical data and my feelings alone but from what I've picked up in my time playing NCAA14, I believe time of possession plays a major part in how the game calculates how much total stamina he gets. The best way I can describe it is think of it like a phone battery: it has its regular 0-100% and when it gets low you put it on the charger and it goes back up to 100%. However, the more the battery gets drained and recharged, the more it deteriorates. So five years after you bought the phone, even if it says 100% charged, it may only hold like 60% of what it used to. Now imagine each game every player gets a brand new battery of stamina. Depending on his stamina stat some may get an iPhone battery and some may get one of those Tesla power banks, but regardless all get a fresh unused battery. Now imagine that each time a player plays they have to use that battery to do anything. Some plays you might not use anything, some plays might knock out half your juice, and some plays you do so little that you actually got to recharge some. Then after the ball changes possession you get to sit on the sidelines and recharge as much as you can before the ball changes possession again. Repeat that over and over again, and by the fourth quarter if you've been constantly draining and recharging your battery might be so worn out that even when you recharge to 100% you can't hold it for more than 5 plays. Now once again, I have zero evidence to prove this but I think this is within the same zip code as the system NCAA uses to simulate teams that can go the distance. Which is the perfect segue to my next topic, stamina management.
NCAA14, and more specifically it's coaching tree upgrade would have you believe that a team is a "4th quarter" team because they get hot, or something, at an arbitrary point in the game. The reality is what makes a team a 4th quarter team is a few factors: conditioning, pace dictation, and the ability to utilize depth. Now this is the part where I would pull an excerpt from Gus Malzahn's 2003 book The Hurry-Up, No-Huddle: An Offensive Philosophy however after 127 minutes of trying to find the damn thing across three different libraries and the internet's high seas I can't find a single damn copy so back to The Art of Smart Football we go (if you just blindly believe me or a single excerpt of a book talking about a book written by ole Gus won't sway you on its own, you can skip this part(:

Junction City's star running back, Marcus Godfrey, exploded out of the gate for first-quarter touchdown runs of 39, 93, and 79 yards. "I looked at my defensive coordinator, Kevin Johnson, and said, 'They're going to score a hundred points, and he is going to run for a thousand yards.' He looked back at me with a blank expression," Malzahn wrote. "We were in a state of shock."
The ugly start proved to be an opportunity for Malzahn, who believes his wide-open hurry-up system is designed to physically and mentally wear down opponents. When better to test that belief than in a game that looked hopeless? Shiloh narrowed the gap to 51–35 at halftime, and though his team still trailed by a considerable margin, Malzahn knew the tide had turned.
"As I watched their players leaving the field, I noticed some of their athletes were jogging slowly, while others were walking laboriously to their dressing room," Malzahn wrote. I told our coaches, 'We are going to win this game.'"
In both the virtual and real world the first is the simplest (at least for the coaches), spend time running and you'll be able to run for a long time. In the virtual case though there's nothing you can really do, you can't target stamina like you could for say a pocket passer or a scrambling QB. The other two is most certainly within your control. Pace dictation is easy enough to understand but much harder to master. To start off simple, imagine a scenario in which your defense just got done with a really long drive and they're exhausted. If you remember our battery analogy you should understand why going in guns blazing with a "run 4 verts, mash Y, pick 4 verts, spam A, repeat until we don't have the ball anymore" plan is not the best idea. You don't need to necessarily change your play calling, but you do want to give your defense time to rest up so that they don't have to go out already exhausted for another drive. And remember, you can still do this without huddling. It will be extremely tedious sure, and if you're only playing on 5 minute quarters it probably doesn't even matter, but if you're going into a 60 minute game against a team you probably aren't going to win against, it can absolutely make the difference. Lastly, and arguably least important compared to the other two factors, is the ability to utilize depth. If you've ever flicked the right stick around when picking a formation you might have noticed how you can pick different packages. I may be using them totally wrong, but I generally use them to sub out red players for a play to keep from draining a dead battery. Most commonly it comes in the form of me subbing my d-line when they get exhausted but on occasion I'll sub out my HB or QB if he just had a massive play and is really gassed. This obviously doesn't mean much when you don't have anyone good to sub in, but if the other guys have depth, the no huddle can stop it.
Now before you get burnt out on all these walls of text, let's go over some quick and easy concepts and tips that don't require long explanations:
Five yard Timeout: If you find yourself late game on defense and need the clock to stop but can't use a time out to save 40 seconds? As soon as the huddle breaks run into the nearest opponent. You'll catch a 5 yard encroachment penalty, but it stops the clock. You still lose the like 20 seconds that run off while in the huddle, but it's better than 40.
Enhanced Onside Kick: the best onside kick isn't the onside kick, it's going into depth charts and subbing your kicker for the lowest power kicker you have on your team. Then call a squib kick. Aim straight and as low as you can and if everything goes your way you'll drill the ball right into the helment of the first return man, and right back to your kicker to recover. You still need luck, but way less than a regualar onside kick.
If you're really bad at kicking field goals while iced then get a first down and come out with the kick team, after they call a time out run a spike, rinse and repeat until their out of time outs and kick.
Lastly, if you're still reading through all this go read some other stuff, you're obviously more interested than the average joe about offensive theory and there's a lot of cool stuff to learn and try out. The Art of Smart Football by Chris B. Brown is a great place to start, as is The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks by Bruce Feldman. If you don't want books The QB School is a great video based resource for offense. Even email your nearest college football coach and ask if they have open office hours (still waiting to hear back from Mike Leach on that one). It's all there I promise you, you just have to reach out and take it.
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2022.01.19 00:51 papamilk420 do you guys have choices pinterest boards??

i used to and i used to follow some before pinterest got rid of board searches, if any of you have boards you’d like to share id love to see them!!!!!
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2022.01.19 00:51 MorsesTheHorse TIL Ty, the manufacturer of Beanie Babies, created one of the first direct business-to-consumer websites in 1995. This was a major contributing factor to the popularity of Beanie Babies.

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