[spoilers ep7] Was watching this scene and could not get this out of my head. Silco is such a drama queen. I love it.

2022.01.19 01:20 chapstikcrazy [spoilers ep7] Was watching this scene and could not get this out of my head. Silco is such a drama queen. I love it.

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2022.01.19 01:20 Captain_No_Mates Have never finished a render before..

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2022.01.19 01:20 bustingshirts Sketch of a More Plausible Take on the Smiling Friends

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2022.01.19 01:20 PsicologoMatheus Procurando mesa

Alguma mesa ativa em Caraguatatuba?
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2022.01.19 01:20 Redd_Epsilon Anyone have a Pokerus mon they wouldn't mind trading?

Hi all, I am a longtime Pokemon player just looking for pokerus to help with my EV training. I have traded multiple people online since I have owned the game, and unluckily enough I have not obtained a mon with Pokerus yet. Would really appreciate it if someone would trade me one, thanks!
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2022.01.19 01:20 comrade_thotsky 🐮

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2022.01.19 01:20 Tiny-Internet-Tree W2C Benrus DTU-2A/P rep- anyone make these?

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2022.01.19 01:20 Lightning-Rose Dm me to buy some pics and treat me daddy 🥵

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2022.01.19 01:20 battleship-ben I need some help

Hello all, I’ve tried to connect a PS4 controller to my computer to take to play I have done it in the past but for some reason it did not work today I tried all the fixes online and nothing else I was hoping you all might have some solutions
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2022.01.19 01:20 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.19 01:20 marvinocjr14 Just a reminder to everyone that Australian Survivor S1-3 will arrive on Paramount+ tomorrow!

I’ve waited SO long to watch since they’ve put S4-6 on there. Got my next few weeks of the offseason booked thanks to Aus Survivor!
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2022.01.19 01:20 steve_in_the_22201 ELI5: Why are unrealized gains on property taxed when unrealized gains on stocks are not?

We just got our annual recent property tax assessment, and since the assessment went up, our property taxes go up. We are richer only on paper (obviously we did not sell the house) but we are getting taxed more based on what the paper says. If you live in the right place for 50 years, it's possible the assessed valuation goes up so high that you're forced to sell the house to cover the tax bill.
But with assets like stocks or art, it doesn't work this way -- the value can go up, but you only pay tax when you sell. What's the argument for why unrealized gains on property are taxable, but unrealized gains on other assets are not taxable? It's especially strange since it seems like society should care more ensuring people can keep their house vs keep shares of stock?
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2022.01.19 01:20 weeyum6 How probable is and how worried are you about a potential WW3?

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2022.01.19 01:20 EugeneWong318 In The Expanse, I imagine they’d just toss him out an airlock.

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2022.01.19 01:20 Crafty-Weakness-3535 Does anyone have any idea what this is?

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2022.01.19 01:19 trvlxl Walking The Colonie Center Mall | Albany NY 2022

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2022.01.19 01:19 HeadOfSpectre The Paragon Mom - Update 2

Hey there Mommies and Strangers.

If you’ve been following my recent, strange series of posts, you’ll know that my situation has been… Well, difficult, lately. My son, Brandon, is still missing. Several days ago, he disappeared into the forest with the bloody remains of our dog, Dashwood. The police weren’t able to find any trace of him, so at the advice of one of the readers, I turned to someone else to help me. A witch named Dr. Caroline Vega. Her theory was that Brandon had been taken into another world… And as crazy as it might sound, I believe she’s correct. I’ve seen this other world with my own eyes. The Midnight Grove… I barely made it back alive.

Dr. Vega told me that I would probably need a guide to help me traverse this place. I was wrong to ignore her the first time. It’s a mistake I’ve got no intention of making twice and so… That’s what led me to Aurora Pryce. I really can’t say for sure what I expected from Pryce. She was willing to meet me for breakfast the next morning when I emailed her and when I reached the diner she’d told me to meet her at, I settled into one of the booths, not sure what or who to expect.

The woman I met was of about medium height with a lithe build and gave off the vibe of having a sort of wiry strength. Her red hair was tied back in a loose ponytail and she carried herself with confidence. Her every move gave off the impression that there wasn’t a thing in the world that could hurt her and she knew it. She had a serious face and intense green eyes, although the smile she wore when she greeted me was warm and personable.

“You must be Ellen.” She said as she sat down across from me. She offered a hand for me to shake. She had a deep, somewhat commanding voice.
“I am, yes. It’s nice to meet you, thank you so much for coming on short notice.
“It’s no problem, really. Just happy to help however I can.”

There was a sincerity to her words that put me at ease. I could see why Dr. Vega had recommended her.

“I appreciate that…” I said, “I’m sure you’ve heard this all before but… Well, it’s not exactly easy to ask for help in this kind of situation. I… I was reluctant to call. I didn’t want to drag someone else into this mess. But… Well. I can’t do this by myself.”
It was hard to say it out loud.

“I’ve been in that boat before… It’s not easy.” Pryce said softly, “It’s overwhelming. The first time I ran into something like this, I didn’t know what to do, how to handle it, or even how to fight it. I just sorta did what I know. Found a target and pursued it. Granted, I used to do it in the air. But I learned how to handle a rifle in basic.”
“You were in the military?” I asked.
She pulled a set of dog tags from under her shirt to show them off.

“Sergeant Pryce, RCAF at your service. Sic Itur ad Astra. Y’know… I thought I’d seen everything. Did a few tours, then came home, didn’t even really get a chance to rest before I found myself snooping into some weird shit. Next thing I know… I’m down the fuckin’ rabbit hole… Wish I could say it gets easier but it really doesn’t. That’s why I do what I do though. I didn’t have anybody to help me deal with it. Now, people have me. It doesn’t exactly pay as well as my day job. But I sleep a little better at night.”

“You don’t get scared, dealing with these things? Putting your life at risk?”
She laughed.

“All the time.” She said, “Being scared isn’t the issue. It’s what you do with that fear. Do you let it freeze you up, or do you channel it into something else?” She shrugged. “That’s how I see it, anyway. Maybe I’m full of shit. Who knows.”

She opened the menu to skim through it.

“Have you ever dealt with the Midnight Grove before?” I asked. She paused for a moment but didn’t look up at me again.

“Once.” She said, “Very briefly. I can’t imagine some of the old Fae living there are too fond of me. Why… You think that’s where your son might be?”

“I know it is. Dr. Vega gave me a ritual… I tried it last night. I’ve been inside the Grove. I know he’s there.”
Pryce glanced up at me, frowning slightly.

“You went into the Grove? By yourself?”
“It… It wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had…”
“I’ll say. From what I’ve heard, some of the things in there just need to smell you before they start hunting you. How long were you there?”

“Long enough to get attacked. I managed to wound whatever it was with my husband's shotgun but… Christ… I swear I blew its head off and it looked like it was still alive…”
“It probably was. From what I’ve heard, the Grove has a weird energy to it. Things from there are hard to kill and things that spend too much time there get… Changed. I’m sure you could ask Dr. Vega for the specifics. This kinda thing all goes a little over my head. But picking a fight with anything inside the Grove, isn’t a great idea.”

“I don’t suppose you’d know how to draw things out…” I asked hopefully.
“If Dr. Vega didn’t suggest it, I don’t think there is a way.” She said, “What I do have is some tricks up my sleeve that might even the odds… I need a bit of time to get set up. But I could have it ready for tonight or tomorrow morning.”
I felt my heart skip a beat. Tonight or tomorrow morning?
“You could? Really? The sooner the better!”
“I’ll see what I can get. I’ve got a friend in town who can help me get my hands on some supplies. I’m going to be completely upfront with you, it’s not exactly foolproof. I don’t know much about the Grove other than it’s a shitty place to be with a lot of tough customers. I’m not going to pretend like this is going to be easy. But I’ll do what I can to help you.”
I could’ve kissed her right at that moment. Instead, I settled for a simple thank you and tried not to cry.

“Don’t worry about it.” Pryce assured me, “Tell you what. You can pay me by buying breakfast. Have you ever had the western omelet here? Absolutely fucking legendary. They use peameal bacon. It’s incredible!”

She could’ve asked me to buy her the whole damn diner and I would’ve done it. Instead, this woman agreed to help me enter what had to be a circle of hell to help me save my son… And all she wanted was a western omelet with a side of peameal bacon. To her credit… She was right about the omelet. It really was fantastic.

I spent the remainder of the day waiting anxiously for Pryce to text me and I would be lying if I said that it was an easy wait. The hours dragged by at an almost agonizing pace. Seconds felt like minutes and I couldn’t find a single thing to take my mind off it. I slept for a while, then woke up to check my phone in the hopes that Pryce had texted me. Some gnawing, doubting feeling in my gut told me she wouldn’t. That she would find some excuse not to help me… But there were messages from her alright.

‘Going to take a while. Heading back to my place to grab some supplies. Asked a friend to pick me up something special as well from her work. Might come in handy. I should be back in town tonight.’

‘Got the supplies. On my way back. Going to rest first. You should too. Should be ready to go by dawn. Does 5 or 6 work better for you?’

The fact that she’d taken the time to update me did lift my spirits a little. At least I knew that if nothing else, she intended to keep her word. But it didn’t make the waiting any easier. I set an alarm for 4 in the morning. I wanted to be ready for her to come at 5. Then, I tried to eat. I thought it better to have something in my stomach. I didn’t have the mental energy to cook. I ordered takeout instead, and when it came I just picked at it.

My stomach felt repulsed at the idea of food. Looking at the mixture of lo mein noodles and sweet and sour pork on my plate just made me feel sick. The sight of the deep fried pork conjured up images of the broken flesh of that shambling thing after I’d shot it… When I closed my eyes, I could still see it writhing on the ground. I tried not to look up at the woods. But it was hard not to. I kept staring at the trees, looking for signs of movement. As usual, I saw nothing… And it did nothing to put my mind at ease. When I couldn’t eat, I took a sleeping pill to try and make myself sleep. It did the the job well enough. Dreamless slumber was better than the gnawing anxiety keeping me up.

I was woken up by a loud pounding at my door and the beeping of my alarm. Groggy, I glanced at my phone. 4:02 AM. It was still dark outside. The knocking at the door came again and I dragged myself out of bed, shuffling to the front door to pull it open.


Pryce stood on my doorstep, dressed in a black turtleneck sweater with a canvas backpack slung over her shoulder. She didn’t wait for an invitation before quietly slipping past me to get inside. She carried something that looked like a guitar case with her.

“Sorry. Figured you wouldn’t mind if I came early.”
“Not at all.” I said, still groggy, “I was just waking up. Can I get you some coffee? Breakfast?”
“Coffee would be great.”

She seemed pretty lively considering the time, but I suppose someone like her would be used to waking up at the crack of dawn. I shuffled into the kitchen to put on the coffee machine and figured I might as well make pancakes as well. Just because my life had gone to shit, didn’t mean I had to be a bad host.

As I shuffled about the kitchen, Pryce set up on my kitchen table. She set her case down on the table and put her backpack down gently in one of the chairs. I watched as she opened the case and recoiled slightly as she took out a scoped assault rifle.

“That’s… A lot…” I murmured under my breath.
“C7A2.” She said, “30 rounds of ‘Fuck Off’ that should either scare off or kill anything we run into. My friend Jasmine swears by this thing. I figured that it would be worth it to stop by home and pick it up. I made a few modifications based on Dr. Vegas advice, about a year or so back. Nothing that really impacts performance. But she showed me some runes I could use to give it a little more kick.”
“You think it’ll be enough?” I asked.

“I think it’s better than being unarmed.” She replied, “Vega says that the Grove makes things stronger. My reckoning is that what might kill something dead out here, might not quite do the trick in there. So, it really can’t hurt to pack a little extra oomph…”

She set the rifle down onto the table, before opening up her backpack. She gently took something out and set it down on my kitchen counter. It looked like a brown stick of something, but I couldn’t tell what.

“Then there’s these. My friend Amanda works down at the quarry. I asked if they had any dynamite. Turns out they do. So… She kinda borrowed some.”
“Dynamite?” I asked before it clicked. She’d just put explosives down on my countertop. “Is that… Safe?”

“As long as we don’t start violently shaking the bag and tossing it around, we’ll be fine.” She said, “I don’t have a lot. Enough to give something one hell of a nasty surprise. But that’s it. And lastly…”

From a side pocket of the bag, she took out a black tactical knife. She pulled it from its sheath and I could see white runes carved along the blade.
“For getting out of trouble. The runes’ll mess up some of the weaker entities. But I dunno how effective it’ll be against anything that powerful. Still. Better to have it than to leave it.”
She hooked the knife onto her belt.
“Other than that, I’ve got a few spare clips of ammo. I’m about as ready as I’m bound to get.”

I almost felt embarrassed for not being ready myself, although the reality of having explosives in my kitchen had woken me up in a way that coffee could only have aspired to.
“I’ll get myself ready, then…” I said softly. The smell of something burning reminded me of the pancakes I’d started and I hastily flipped them before setting them on a lower heat.

“I’ve got my husband's shotgun, do you think that would be enough?”
“By itself, probably not. I could use the same runes on it though. It’ll add a little extra sting to your shots.” Pryce offered. I didn’t waste any time in letting her have the shotgun. Carving little runes into the stock wasn’t going to hurt it and if she said it might help, I wasn’t about to question her.

I was ready within the next half hour. I took a quick shower and put on some comfortable clothes. Pryce had eaten and finished with my shotgun by the time I came out again. It sat by my kitchen table, waiting for me. Pryce herself stood waiting, backpack on and rifle in hand. I picked up the shotgun to inspect it, before deciding that it didn’t matter what I made of the runes. They were either going to help or they weren't.

“You set?” Pryce asked. I nodded slowly and set the gun down.
“Yes… Yeah, I’m ready.”
The sun wasn’t up yet. The sky was still dark and the forest sat ominous and silent behind my house. No point in waiting any longer. I set the candle on the table again and drew the same sigil I’d drawn last time. Pryce and I stood inside it, at the ready.

I lit the candle first, then burned the incense. That sweet, heavy smoke filled my lungs again. Beside me, I heard Pryce inhale, then exhale. I coughed. She didn’t. My head began to feel light. I could feel the buzz coming on. I felt Pryce reach for my hand and take it.

“You know the way there…” She said, “Show me…”

The world was different. The candle was brighter. I looked out the window and into the woods. I forced myself to see the darkness of the Midnight Grove. I dredged it up from my memories and could feel myself starting to shake as I did. I made myself envision it… I made myself return… And as I blinked, the dark vision of whatever hell that thing had taken my son to shifted from my memories into reality.

I could see the impossibly dark trees through the windows. I could sense the unease growing in my stomach and I found myself regretting wasting my time with breakfast.

“That’s it…” I said softly, “That’s it…”

Beside me, Pryce stared into the woods, her brow furrowed. She let go of my hand and approached the window. She surveyed the darkened trees, looking for some sign of life before she took a deep breath.
“Alright then…” She said, before looking back at me. “Let’s move out. I’m going to see if I can pick up a trail. Tracks or something. Stay close. Eyes up, but walk softly.”

She headed for the back door and stepped out into the twisted reflection of my backyard. Then, rifle at the ready she stepped down off the porch. I followed her closely, trying to move as she did. I felt almost like a child, mimicking a parent. Pryce barely made a sound as she walked. She moved like a panther. Compared to her, I might as well have strapped half the kitchenware to my body for all the sound I made.

She pulled a flashlight from her belt and after listening for a moment, shined it down onto the ground. She swept it slowly and deliberately through the grass as she scanned the area near my porch. She paused, keeping the light on something for a moment, before moving on. A moment later, she stopped.

“Tracks…” She said softly, “I can see two sets. I figure one must be yours from your last trip in. The other one though… Paw prints and shoe prints…”
“Brandon and Dashwood…” I replied, “They left a trail?”
“Looks like it… Alright. Let’s move into the woods. Watch where I step. Just stay as quiet as you can.”

She used the flashlight to follow the trail for a moment before turning it off and heading into the woods. Once we were at the treeline, she ducked lower. I did the same. We were in the Midnight Grove now… And though I could hear nothing else in those woods except for us, I knew we were not alone.

Pryce moved quietly but quickly, never getting too far ahead of me. She turned her flashlight on every few meters, keeping it close to the ground to make sure we were still on the right track.

“Best not to leave it on, in case we attract something.” She’d said at one point, “A little less convenient this way. But at least we can control the light.”

I suppose it isn’t much of an achievement to say that with Pryce, I got further than I had before. Last time, I couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes but this time, we moved deeper into the forest than I’d been even outside of the Grove. A few minutes very quickly turned into what must have been an hour or so. A couple of times, Pryce signaled for me to stop and to take cover. The first time she did, I didn’t understand what she meant until I saw her ducking behind a tree to hide and I quickly did the same thing.

A few moments later, I heard it. Something big, stalking through the forest. I could hear its raspy breathing and slow, lumbering steps that shook the ground. I didn’t dare look out to see what it might’ve been. Perhaps that was for the best.

When silence returned, Pryce peeked out of her hiding spot, then gestured that it was all clear.
“Shootings better as a last resort here.” She said, “Start popping off rounds, and you tell everything nearby exactly where you are. We’re clear now. C’mon.”

With that, she was on the move again.

Our next encounter came another hour or so later. Just like the first time, Pryce went silent, before gesturing for me to get into cover. I didn’t hesitate this time. There was a tree nearby, down a short incline and I ducked behind it. I could see Pryce doing the same behind a large stump.

I held my breath, listening for movement but I didn’t hear anything. Not at first, anyways… Then came the low, shuddering rasp of something close to me. It almost sounded human… Almost… Maybe that’s what it used to be.

But just from the sound, it made in its throat, I already knew that there was nothing human about what was lurking near the tree I was hiding behind. I gripped my shotgun tight, steeling myself to pull the trigger if I needed to, knowing that it most likely wouldn’t end well.

I glanced over to where I’d seen Pryce duck into hiding but… She wasn’t there… The spot where she’d been a moment before was empty. I heard a low, throaty huff from whatever creature was lurking nearby. I could hear its soft footsteps as it moved to round the tree and I gripped my gun tight.

Then, I heard an animalistic shriek of surprise… Then a low, gurgling rasp followed by a thud. I panicked and made myself stand. I rounded the tree, shotgun in my trembling hands to blow the head off whatever creature was waiting for me. Instead, I saw it on the ground, with Pryce on top of it.

The creature looked similar to the one I’d seen before, although it couldn’t have been the same one. It was clearly still alive although its throat had been cut. The only sound it could still make was a wet, rasping noise as black blood gushed out of its wound.

Pryce had forced it onto its side. She had seized it by one wrist to keep it from swiping at her and had the other arm pinned beneath her boot. The creature probably could’ve overpowered her easily if it had the time. But she must’ve caught it off guard and now, there didn’t seem to be much it could do to fight back. She drove the runed combat knife into its chest, over and over again, leaving several deep stab wounds in its chest before finally launching herself away from the wounded creature.

I could see it struggling to stand, only able to let out wet gurgling noises as it tried to breathe. But it seemed too heavily wounded. The creature pulled itself onto its stomach, shielding it from further harm but Pryce seemed to have expected that. As soon as it was down on its stomach, she came at it again, leaping onto its back to pin it down as she stabbed it again, puncturing its lungs and ripping at its vital organs. The creature squirmed in panic, trying to scream in pain but it didn’t have the energy.

Pryce tore into it with a cold, precise violence that both turned my stomach and left me in awe. Once she was done with its back, she seized it by what little hair was left on its head and drove the knife through its temple, violently twisting it. The creature seemed to shudder as its body went limp. Its limbs seemed to twitch and with a final grunt, Pryce ripped the knife out of its head. She wiped the blood off on its grayish skin before standing up. The creature was still twitching and gurgling. But it made no more efforts to get up.

“I-Is it dead…” I asked, my voice cracking slightly.
“Yeah… I’d say so…” Pryce replied, breathless, “Sorry. Saw it sniffing you out and figured I’d blindside it.”

She sheathed her knife before gesturing for me to follow.
“C’mon, let’s not hang around too long.”
She took off in a jog and I didn’t stick around to see what came to investigate the attack. I followed her.

“What was that thing?” I asked.
“Ghoul. That’s what happens when you fuck around with the Old Fae. It’s never a pretty sight… I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they’re in here, considering this is where the Old Fae live.”
“Old Fae, what are those?” I asked.
“Exactly what it says on the tin. Old Fae.” Pryce replied, “I dunno the full history of it, but supposedly a long time ago, some of the Forest Fae split into two groups. Some of them stayed in our world. Never encountered one of them, but I guess they seem normal enough. The rest struck a deal with the creature that runs this world, and came here… Problem is, this place has a way of changing things. Twisting them. The Old Fae are the oldest of their number… They’re powerful. Almost like Gods.”

“Have you ever killed one?” I asked.
Pryce looked back at me.
“An Old Fae? I dunno if they even can be killed. Like I said, they’re basically one step below Gods. You can fight a God. Maybe you can even win. But you’ll never kill them. Just trust me on that?”

“Why, have you ever fought a God?”
“Once. Can’t say I’d want to do it again.”
“Wait… Seriously? You’ve fought a God?”
Pryce smiled slightly.

“Tell you what, after we get your son, I’ll tell you all about it over another omelet.”
With that, she turned and kept walking. Then after a moment, I followed, knowing that at the end of the path, Brandon would be waiting.
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2022.01.19 01:19 epheran Crafting Amount

Crafting Amount I think that there should be a GUI for crafting when you have a lot of stuff. For example:
I usually buy a lot of wood in order to have a full stack of campfires (for fights like duke). And to be honest, it's somewhat annoying having to click one by one to make a single campfire.
And so I think that there should be a GUI for this, like how shop purchases have this uhhh scale that lets you select how much you wanna buy yk.
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2022.01.19 01:19 _AVINIER Blasphemous for AoT to be not nominated.

Blasphemous for AoT to be not nominated. submitted by _AVINIER to ShingekiNoKyojin [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:19 aadoop6 Poor output load regulation with synchronous rectifiers in LLC converter.

Hi. I have been working on an LLC resonant converter. I have a working design for a 24VDC/4A output using Schottky diodes. I am getting proper load regulation as expected. To improve efficiency I built a synchronous rectifier circuit around NCP4306 chip. Everything seems to work as expected, but at light loads, the output voltage rises up to 35 VDC. When I removed one of the synchronous rectifiers ( the LLC has two) the regulation works again at light loads. Could anyone explain such a behaviour? Any tips on how to fix it? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 01:19 Own-Winner-7594 MY NEW MINECRAFT BEDROCK YOUTUBER SMP!!!!

Hello Everyone I have Opened A new youtuber smp for minecraft the server will be fully running in about 1-2 months
Link to discord: https://discord.gg/tyHFJBvDy6
Server IP: Unhandymineo2.aternos.
Server Port: Unhandymineo2.aternos.me
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2022.01.19 01:19 dafones IHA COVID-19 update for January 18: 17 in critical care, 92 hospitalized, 479 new cases, 5,581 active cases

Data from the BC CDC COVID-19 Dashboard.
See also: the BC CDC COVID-19 data page.
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2022.01.19 01:19 Malevolyn Updated Connection Server - Resync Fail Errors With Instant Clones

The error I found in my connection server log is below. Cannot seem to pinpoint what is wrong and no KB articles seem to even reference it. Anyone have an idea? I have to constantly delete and have the server remake them. This error happens whenever a user logs off/disconnects and a refresh is triggered.
ERROR (1060-195C) [Task] ExecuteMultipleTasksAction of Task=[ResyncSingleCloneWrapperTask:xxx], requestId=907c4c46-c458-4f07-b6e0-d4534c3e2711 failed at index=1 with com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.common.CPVcSubsystemException: javax.xml.ws.soap.SOAPFaultException fault was thrown by the VC server: https://vcenter.xxx Error:
Required property opaqueNetworkType is missing from data object of type VirtualEthernetCardOpaqueNetworkBackingInfo
while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.device.VirtualEthernetCard.OpaqueNetworkBackingInfo
at line 1, column 663
while parsing property "backing" of static type VirtualDeviceBackingInfo
while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.device.VirtualVmxnet3
at line 1, column 429
while parsing property "device" of static type VirtualDevice
while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.device.VirtualDeviceSpec
at line 1, column 388
while parsing property "deviceChange" of static type ArrayOfVirtualDeviceConfigSpec
while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.RelocateSpec
at line 1, column 235
while parsing property "location" of static type VirtualMachineRelocateSpec
while parsing serialized DataObject of type vim.vm.InstantCloneSpec
at line 1, column 205
while parsing call information for method InstantClone_Task
at line 1, column 81
while parsing SOAP body
at line 1, column 70
while parsing SOAP envelope
at line 1, column 0
while parsing HTTP request for method instantClone
on object of type vim.VirtualMachine
at line 1, column 0
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2022.01.19 01:19 NotRoryWilliams Links to subreddits opening in browser view, which in turn looks like this.

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2022.01.19 01:19 JiGzSaw01 Kespor gsx GRX

Hi any kespor gsx grx version user here nkkaka experience din po ba kau ng toe overlap?
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