Trivia Tower - Game Trivia With IGN's Ryan McCaffrey

2022.01.19 01:41 HansonMinnMax Trivia Tower - Game Trivia With IGN's Ryan McCaffrey

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2022.01.19 01:41 FrontpageWatch2020 [#925|+618|8] Vivian winkler … Thickfit [r/ThickFit]

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2022.01.19 01:41 v7gamingyt NCS: 2022 Future Hits Mix | The Best of NCS | Gaming Music | No Copyrigh...

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2022.01.19 01:41 Oax_Mike Did you/do you eat weird and gross shit when traveling?

When I was young and foolish I would eat most gross shit I encountered while traveling...bugs, worms, critters, larvae, "part of the experience."
Now that I am old and foolish, I do not.
Do you eat creepy-crawlies simply because they're for sale? What's the grossest thing you've choked down?
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2022.01.19 01:41 blammycuzzing In Asia nobody has to worry about falling into the subway tracks.

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2022.01.19 01:41 vpeaches James Charles Singing Tennessee Whiskey

Someone please help me.
I swear at some point James Charles attempted to sing Tennessee Whiskey on a live once and I cannot find a video ANYWHERE
Like I think he scrubbed it from the internet. I cannot get it out of my head. At this point I am not even sure if it is real.
or at least reassure me that yall remember hearing it too
He was trying to sing that part that’s like “you’re as waaAAAaaAAAAAaaAAaaaarm as a glass of brandy”
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2022.01.19 01:41 PK_Rippner What is this small box at the bottom right of my Reddit page?

Is there a way to get rid of this box? I don't recall seeing it until the last week or so.
Here's what it looks like -->
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2022.01.19 01:41 crytoloover Kryptowährungen was hat sich in meinem Wallet getan. MetaDoge MetaPets Baby DogeCoin MicroPets.

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2022.01.19 01:41 Adorable_Solid4502 Gift sharing 🎁. Add 8284 6042 1175 and 5265 1660 4750

Gift sharing 🎁. Add 8284 6042 1175 and 5265 1660 4750
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2022.01.19 01:41 Bellpop Can M1 Base model power dual 1440p and 4K monitors simultaneously?

Hi team, building a work setup for WFH. Max mini is currently connected via HDMI to the Dell S2722DC (1440p ‘2k’) mount and it looks great. Am about to order a second dell monitor and am considering the S2722QC (4K w/ thunderbolt usb c connection).
My question/concern is, is there any problem with running 1440p and 4k monitors side by side? Will the text look different? Could there be problems for the max powering two different w solution displays?
Thanks for any help 😊
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2022.01.19 01:41 chalkchick0 Forestarbucks by JAY KIM

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2022.01.19 01:41 AccusationsInc Best budget headphones?

My brothers birthday is coming up and he mentioned wanting better headphones for his VR experience. Any suggestions? Looking for something in the $50-$100 range. Preferably one that works with the quest stand alone, but if it requires a pc, that would be ok.
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2022.01.19 01:41 Pekka_3 🤨

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2022.01.19 01:41 Beanerboysk8r Becoming a superhero would actually be more dangerous than not since there are people crazy enough to risk the lives of thousands just for your sake

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2022.01.19 01:41 DarkMatterLuigi Which is better, bacon, sausage, or has browns?

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2022.01.19 01:41 Puzzleheaded_Bit_641 I resigned from my highly specialized job, and my boss didn’t talk to me for the entirety of my last month.

Just wanted to put this out into the ether and get it off my chest. I resigned from my highly specialized job in December after a much higher paying gig came my way, which i recently started. After years of perfect performance reviews and great feedback, my boss didn’t try to contact me from the day I resigned until the day I left, in which he only replied to a text message. I gave that company my life, but from the moment I told them I was leaving, I was dead to them.
Frankly I’m embarrassed by it, and feel ashamed that I didn’t mean more to them.
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2022.01.19 01:41 Alex_Henry2011 Suggestion for NFT sales

So I’ve commented this in a few posts already but thought it would be good information to spread. If you decide to sell your AMC NFT. I would recommend that you list it at a high price. This not only benefits you but AMC as well. Example: if everyone keeps listing their NFTs for $27 a pop then guess what, that’s more than likely going to be their worth but if everyone set the price to 1k, 2k, 69420 and no one was willing to sell for less then the value would eventually settle in at a higher price point. Just a thought. Do whatever your heart desires.
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2022.01.19 01:41 KingaDaNorth Nothing more accurate

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2022.01.19 01:41 justkillmeplz420 How do you feel about the Dicker Max?

Good? Bad? Mediocre?
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2022.01.19 01:41 bbbes123 Munchies 😩

How y’all handle your munchies/cravings?-
Sincerely a stoner trying to lose weight 🥲
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2022.01.19 01:41 omnibird An Indecent Advent

I'm hoping this is okay to share as a Tuesday off-topic post. The toxic framing of sexuality, particularly women's sexuality in fundamentalist Christian groups, and the institutional and cultural rewriting of Mary is really laid out in this intense article by Brooke Matejka. CW for violence, sex work, and death.
I left Catholicism before coming out when I was a teenager, but the more radical parts of the mystery are still incredibly relevant to me. I see that some of you also hold aspects of Christianity close so I can only hope this article is as powerful for you as it was for me.
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2022.01.19 01:41 kingStoNV2olitunji Penis dick

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2022.01.19 01:41 _ConJon_ Just a guy waning a stronger UR hand but I get 2 R390 (They won me the senna but) I just want the 340r, I would sell my soul for one.

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2022.01.19 01:41 Famous_Caterpillar_3 Just started minting some of my first pieces. Stop by and show some love :) Blake_Michael

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2022.01.19 01:41 Brh3200 I’m currently doing a series called survivor what if on my survivor fanpage on insta (@bruce_realitysurvivor). What are some good “what if” questions I could answer and write about?

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