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2022.01.19 02:12 crytoloover Earn Free Solana Coins ll How to earn money by Solana 2022 ll Without Investment

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2022.01.19 02:12 mCHAZZER Specimen 11: Rosy Polypore [Fomitopsis Cajanderi]

Specimen 11: Rosy Polypore [Fomitopsis Cajanderi] Preface: This polypore caught my eye due to its bright pink pores. not sure if it is rare, but I only sighted it on one tree.
Specimens in natural habitat.
Close up of top.
Rosy pink pores on underside.
Location: USA, Western Washington, Cascade Foothills.
Season: WinteJanuary.
Weather: Lightly cloudy and cool.
Habitat: Forest, mainly conifer section.
Substrate: Standing dead conifer tree.
Growth Habit: Shelves.
Color: Top dark with red rim, pores bright rosy pink.
Spore Print: The specimen I collected didn't drop spores.
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2022.01.19 02:12 No-Selection-4800 Could this be a scam?

I saw a room to rent in Richmond hill. I wanted to know what everyone think about this. Most likely, I am just paranoid, but, just in case.
1) Landlord(or tenant) wanted to seal the deal and sign a contract asap even when, according to him, I was the first visitor that he had. My other experiences were not like this. They all asked for verification of income and wanted to see all potential tenants that made appointments.
2) He wanted $300 if I want to secure a spot and for him to take off the ads from the web. No other landlord has asked for this. This is super fishy. He did say, however, that the $300 will be contributed to the first/last rent that I have to pay once I move in on Feb 1st.
3) I went and saw the room personally and he had all the keys and accesses. There is a lease agreement that I will have to sign. I guess these would be the evidence against scams.
4) when we got to the kitchen as he was showing around, I started to ask him whether he is the landlord and if I would be sharing the kitchen with him. Then he said 'I am sort of landlord...', which means that this is a sublet. If he is so secretive about the lease being sublet, then, this would be a red flag, correct?
I guess I am concerned because I have not seen the contract yet. If I find out who the owner of this property is through the property manager and if I see his/her name on the lease contract, it is all good to go, right?
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2022.01.19 02:12 omertacapital ...gulp

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2022.01.19 02:12 aLeexLvn I m looking for the team at Power League. Minimum Diamond3

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2022.01.19 02:12 iam10ten The selfie self verification isn’t working?

Bovada prompted me to verify my account. I was able to take a photograph of the front and back of my driver license but when it came down for the “selfie” portion, the camera doesn’t load up and I’m unable to record the selfie.
I’ve tried this on other phones and even a laptop and it’s always gets stuck on the selfie portion.
Googled the issue and it seems like many others are reporting the same issue but was unable to find a solution.
Anyone able to find a solution?
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2022.01.19 02:12 TOPH-BE1FONG Berkeley x Stanford 🌈🏳️‍🌈: Gay Fanfic - Enemies to Lovers (Please Read I Spent 3 hours)

Background: Inspired by u/u/ssapphiresiren
Berkeley: Applying for CS major, Senior (HS), 1580 SAT, 3.8UW/4.4W, Rank #8 @ Competitive HS - Gay
Stanford: Applying for CS major, Senior (HS), 1590 SAT, 4.0UW/4.6W, Rank #3 @ Competitive HS - BI
I made this while I was bored. If it gets popular enough, I'll keep writing!
BTW: There’s a billion inside jokes/references… try to find them all (answers at the end)
Chapter One
Pine Needles.
That was the first thing Berkeley noticed about Stanford. He always smelled like pine needles.
Wherever he went, the minty scent of pine needles haunted him - the back of the school (where Stanford and his friends hung out), the front of the bus stop (where he and Stanford took the same route home), and now, right beside him, the smell stronger than ever. The room felt suffocating.
“I don’t think we’ve met before … but you’re Berkeley right?” Stanford shot a courteous grin, and a clean line of bone-white teeth stacked perfectly next to one another shown. Two dimples dented the corners of his face.
Not giving it much thought, Berkeley mumbled back a timid “Yes.” After all, it was bullshit anyways - the whole class knew who they were: Berkeley and Stanford, the two were too academically talented for everyone not to - especially at a school like Safety School High, where everyone sold organs and walked tightropes in attempts to get into the Bay Area League (the best universities in the country).
There was however, one important distinction between Berkeley and Stanford: Berkeley was always one step behind him: making USACO Gold Division while Stanford made platinum , qualifying for ISEF semifinalist while Stanford was a finalist, and scoring 10 points lower than Stanford on the SAT.
No matter what Berkeley did, Berkeley was always just an inch away from standing equal to Stanford. But now, they were tasked to work on the same project together, and it was the first time they faced level to level.
“I heard you’re pretty smart, so .. what would you like to do? Code the user interface? Design the graphics? Plan the marketing strategy? This project is pretty big so it’d be quicker if we split up the work.”
Stanford waited for Berkeley's response with the same dumb grin again… like a dog waiting on a treat. He could have swore Stanford was hiding a wagging tail. What a fucking weirdo.
“Well.. we’re gonna have to develop a concept first. Know what we want to model the game after. Then we can start on the coding and the graphics.”
“Oh right!” Stanford’s eyes shot up as he realized his mistake. How could he had missed something so obvious?
“Here… let me …” Suddenly, Stanford began rummaging into his backpack, before pulling out a crumpled piece of binder paper yellowed from coffee stains. “I got it all drafted out here, the concepts and what I wanted to do. I just need your opinion, but I talked with Mr. Stagliano beforehand and he gave it a go.”
Stanford handed the paper to Berkeley, his eyes brimming with hope, and Berkeley felt a small pool of dampness underneath his fingers - his hands were resting on the coffee stains. Gross.
Realizing this, Berkeley quickly adjusted his fingers, and began reading it quickly, hoping to bore Stanford away. However, as his eyes skimmed through every line, a familiar feeling washed over him.
“Fuck” was the first thing Berkeley thought... and a heavy familiar feeling washed over him again.
How was Stanford so talented? How did he draft all these concepts overnight? How was he able to have all the steps figured out beforehand? The project was initially meant to be a 3 month long project, but with Berkeley’s skills, Berkeley estimated he could have gotten it done by 2 ½ months. However, Stanford’s proposal changed everything. They could have published the final draft by 1 month and scored at least a 90% if they wanted.
Finally, caving in, Berkeley mumbled bitterly “It’s … good, I guess. We can work with this,” but the words came out numb and unfeeling. Even he could hear the sourness in his voice.
Stanford, unfazed, slapped his hands down on the table enthusiastically. “REALLY? Great! Because I was scared it might have been too messy. The idea washed over me at 3 in the morning, so I suspected there would be a lot of errors with my planning. It’s great you think it’s fine though! I still need to make a few adjustments… it still isn't my best work... ”
Hearing this, Berkeley clenched his teeth and rolled his hands into fists. This little fucker…how wasn't this his best work possible?...Stanford's first draft already outdid everyone in the class....
“Alright, since we take the same route home, can I go to your place after school? The bell is about to ring soon, it was nice meeting ya!” Just as Stanford was about to straddle his backpack over his shoulder, Berkeley heard Yale call for him across the classroom.
“Sorry.. I got to go now, it’s Yale… you know how she is” Stanford whispered, upon hearing Yale's rambunctious voice, and hesitantly nodded towards the curly-brunette dressed in a preppy uniform running across the room.
Yes, Berkeley knew how Yale was. Allegedly, there had been rumors floating around last year that she had tried kissing one of the teachers... an interview or something. False or not, it was enough to know what type of person Yale was.
“Ok.. I’ll see you later.. I guess” Berkeley attempted to call out before Stanford left the room, but with Yale clinging to his arms, he was already long gone in a cloud of gossip.
5:00 PM - At Berkeley's House : Stanford's Pov
The first thing Stanford noticed about Berkeley's room was that he had an affinity for bears.
Across the interior the entire room was printed with bears - red bears, green bears, rainbow bears, and the most overwhelming, a blue and golden bear mascot.
His walls, navy blue with golden stripes had posters of bears, all the species meticulously labeled beneath them. On his desk sat a ceramic bear cup, bright under the fluorescent lamp, and next to it, bear bobbly heads, all lined neatly against a wooden shelf. What an absolute nerd.
The most noticeable feature was the bear plush he had on his bed. It was a yellow bear with uncanny eyes, wearing a blue-knit sweater and a sailor hat that had "Cal" embroidered across it in golden seams.
Berkeley noticed Stanford's wandering eyes and quickly took action.
"These.. these were my uncle's .. uh... just give me a second... I swear he always leaves his stuff in my room," Berkeley said frantically as he tossed the bear plush off the side of his bed and began tearing down the posters (carefully, of course).
Liar. Stanford knew they had all belonged to him. He had seen the same mascot swinging from Berkeley's backpack, a small golden bear keychain hooked to his last pocket.
Instead of finding it weird, Stanford actually found it .. kinda cute. It was a new soft side to the usual stoic, cold character of Berkeley's... this cute affinity for bears.
"Don't mind it, I actually have a huge quirk for trees," Stanford chuckled.
Berkeley paused for a minute before stifling a small laugh (but failing) ... "Well, okay, weirdo."
Cute. Stanford thought. Even his stupid laugh was cute.
Berkeley pulled his seat next to Stanford, pinning down the proposal they had talked about earlier.
"I think I can get started here... but I'll check in with you after I got some lines written down. I should be done around 11, but that's when I'll be getting ready for bed."
Stanford gave a half-conscious "Sure" as he had already been a few minutes deep into coding, and as Berkeley got started on his own task, the two faded away into their tasks for the next 4 hours…
3am - Morning
It was 3 in the morning when Berkeley awoke to his curse of insomnia. Laying in the dark, he tried to force his mind back into sleep… when he heard a small sound to what seemed to be.. sobbing?
Berkeley groggily opened his eyes, and there, in the dark, sat Stanford, blue light reflecting off his face, with an .. mundane, almost empty look washed over his eyes.
"Dude... what the actual fuck is wrong with you," Berkeley clamored out of surprise. "It's .." his eyes searched for his digital alarm… "three in the morning, you fucking weirdo."
An eerie pause passed over before Stanford finally mumbled hoarsely "Sorry.. did I wake you?" his eyes still fixated on the blue light.
Berkeley, out of frustration, hopped out of bed and thundered walked towards Stanford, holding him by the corners of his sleeves, he cried out "Dude I told you to stop fucking w-"
"I feel like I don't exist again."
Berkeley stopped. What the fuck did he mean? Feel like he doesn’t exist again? He was fucking Stanford, closer to God than human, sure, but to not exist? Impossible. Did he have any idea who he was?
"It's hard to .. explain. I, well, I don't know. Have you heard of duck syndrome? It's .. I mean, I don't fucking know anymore." Stanford buried his head into his hands, before (trying) to sob silently.
A quiet pause invaded the room again before Berkeley finally gave in.
"Ok... ok.... we can talk about this tomorrow, but right now you have to sleep, here, let me..." Berkeley hung Stanford's arm around his neck, and the immediate weight made him topple a little. "I'm gonna get you to bed because you're being one crazy fucker right now... " Berkeley attempted at a joke, but it was useless, Stanford already looked half-dead from his breakdown.
With Stanford limp against his shoulders, Berkeley trudged across the room, and dropped Stanford on the bed, sighing in relief. He crawled under the sheets next to him, and realized the blue light from Stanford's computer was still an obnoxiously bright.
"I'm .. sorry you had to see that." Stanford was now facing the wall, his whole body curled into itself.
A crack in his armor.
For all the resentment Berkeley's built for Stanford in the past, this moment crumbled it all.
Stanford... looked so vulnerable to Berkeley, his body looked smaller now, and his crying had slowed to a melodic heartbeat...it was almost as if there was someone else in his bed, something closer to an actual child than the all-star studentlite Berkeley knew at school.
"You're okay" was all Berkeley could say. It was all that could be said anyways, but Stanford seemed to take it well, because he rolled over, and facing Berkeley .. sheepishly grinned. That stupid stupid stupid grin again.
Before Berkeley himself faded to sleep, he noticed the blue light had finally waned away. All that was left in the room was pitch black - and in between the black, was Stanford's heavy breathing gently brushing against Berkeley's neck ... the last thought that washed over Berkeley was that Stanford was a lot more fragile than Berkeley had suspected.
He almost felt an urge to hold him right there, and tell him that things were going to be okay.
End of Chapter One
Congrats, you made it to the end! Thanks for reading my long long sob story! Here's a list of all the references/jokes - how much did you get?

  1. Pine needles - yes, this is alluding to the fact that Stanford's fucking mascot is a tree
  2. Safety School High - pretty self explanatory
  3. Bay Area League - you know how theres a running stereotype on A2C that the bay area schools are hyper-competitive? in this universe, those competitive bay area hs are universities the ivy league students are trying to get into. don't worry, it'll make sense later...
  4. USACO / ISEF - fun fact: i'm a humanities major & had to search up the divisions/ranks for these competitions...it was, needless to say, an absolute mindfuck.. they weren't lying about these competitions being reserved for the smartest
  5. Mr. Stagliano - TOM STAGLIANO THE MAN !!! THE MYTH !!! THE LEGEND !!!
  6. Yale - (this one was obvious.. dunno how i can explain this one if you don't know)
  7. Berkeley's room - his affinity for bears is yes, a kick at the Berkeley mascot with uncanny eyes
  8. I feel like I don't exist again" - reference to the whole "Stanford isn't real joke" .. yes, I am exploiting our inside jokes to make Stanford an emotional vulnerable character
  9. Duck Syndrome - This is a Stanford thing.
submitted by TOPH-BE1FONG to ApplyingToCollege [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 02:12 Wolverines14 Episode where Jake tells one of Charlie's girlfriends (I think it was Chelsea, but might be Mia) how many women he's seen Charlie hook up with?

The quote goes something like... Jake: it's gotta be in the thousands
Chelsea/Mia/GF: Great.

Thats all I got. I couldn't find it scrolling through numerous episodes and with the only quote I know from the ep.
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2022.01.19 02:12 matchmitchhh98 [F] 21 Mistress here, Need a Long Term Trading Partner Right now on ✅Sn@p ➡️Celiloi99⬅️

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2022.01.19 02:12 noahthearc333 What lactose intolerant people drink as an alternative to milk?

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2022.01.19 02:12 Prior-Cow-1636 I have no words…. (Not my video)

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2022.01.19 02:12 Inner-Buy614 Anyone use Greentree buckets now or in the past? Having trouble w row 1 not filling up last 5 buckets not sure wtf is the problem.... Everything else is filling up and draining fine except 1st row?

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2022.01.19 02:12 Blagbleh [Calgary, AB] [H] PayPal, Cash [W] RTX 3080 or 3080 ti FE

Looking for a 3080 or 3080 ti FE card, and looking to spend about a max of $2300. Not sure what I am able to get in this market, but if you have one that you're willing to sell, please PM me! Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 02:12 DCTRFISH GIVEAWAY 🎉

GIVEAWAY 🎉 🎉giving away whitelist spots, join the discord. will also be 3 rare eternal beings giveaway. join the discord and send me a screenshot when done!!! Called GOONIEZ - https://discord.gg/YBZX23vQ https://preview.redd.it/s4ssvs8lvkc81.jpg?width=2048&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=19262a3941e43a2a1c8b4ca0b2e614db3b51bce7
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2022.01.19 02:12 Nikunjharkut recommend me some action,romance manhwa with a good story

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2022.01.19 02:12 Motor-Lime-4883 Korean zombie

Korean zombie Do you like zombie content? This community is newly created and introduces various information and issues about Korea. Various information such as travel information, food, culture, trends, and fashion are introduced.📷

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2022.01.19 02:12 RasJoshBerlin Help! Watered like I did the last 2 years. Now it’s dying. What disease is that?

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2022.01.19 02:12 biggestdaddy6969 Having trouble finding avmnite-02h

Hi, Im new and now stuck. After receiving the nitesec-test.msg. I ran scan-analyze 2 and wasnt able to find the server(avmnite-02h) that nitesec is. Maybe im doing something wrong.
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2022.01.19 02:12 MatildaNdep ERRAND BOI that does nothing but run ERRANDS on stream and expects donations for it. RUN THOSE ERRANDS ERRAND BOI 🤣😂😂 Hit that laundromat broke bitch

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2022.01.19 02:12 redditrillysucks Wanted to dabble in building, so I wanted to show off an idea i wanted to do for a server I'm in! Any feedback would be appreciated, block palette is at the end :)

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2022.01.19 02:12 fluffy_cat3721 Chances of getting off the waitlist

Is it realistic to get off the waitilist for CSCI-UA 102 (Data Structures) when you are on #18 in the waitlist?
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2022.01.19 02:12 WagonsNeedLoveToo Sometimes there’s wholesome content to be found in the mom group pages.

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2022.01.19 02:12 Status_Ad_3400 I kind of miss the dreams

When I first started Lexapro, the dreams were wild and almost lucid, they were quite nice and they’ve faded now, I honestly miss them lol.
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2022.01.19 02:12 Apillicus My first bench!

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