Find the "Frasier" reference in this Cinema Sins ...

2022.01.19 01:48 Tele_Prompter Find the "Frasier" reference in this Cinema Sins ...

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2022.01.19 01:48 Primary_Existing Va Claim Pneumonia

So I put in a claim for respiratory problems after having pneumonia in basic. I was told to just keep running and do normal activities and it will go away. Which it did but ever since then my breathing has been terrible. Only record of my trouble breathing was in basic training. Was wondering if I have a legit claim or not.
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2022.01.19 01:48 Sw33tD333 Email/password not working

Is anyone else having issues signing into their net gear account? It says my email or password isn’t working and then when I go to reset my password it says my email isn’t associated with an account. What happened? I know I have an account, I screenshotted it when I made one to remember my email/password combo and everything has been fine the last 2 mos.
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2022.01.19 01:48 crispAndTender Where do i buy a new motor with lead screw? can't seem to find it anywhere.

So i got some resin inside the motor, i took it apart cleaned it and put it back together but now it run really rough, i think i did everything right so maybe best option is to get a new motor...sigh
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2022.01.19 01:48 ARuiz1110 TCS BoR Standard Open Deck Tournament: Jan 29th

TCS BoR Standard Open Deck Tournament: Jan 29th
Hey everyone,
Sign ups for this month's tournament are now open. Here are all the details. Date: January 29th 2PM PST Format: Standard, Open Deck Lists, 3 Heroes, 1 Hero Ban, Double Elimination, Best of 3. Register: Prizing: Prizing will be crowd funded through Matcherino. Link coming soon. Deck Submission: Deck submission will be handled through Google Forms. All decks will be shared with all players through Tonamel Announcement Page and TCS Discord on the day of the tournament. As always if there are any questions feel free to hit me up or ask in the TCS Tournament Discord which can be found on the Tonamel registration page.
Cheers, JeezRuiz (AKA The Thirsty Games)
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2022.01.19 01:48 DemonWriterX Ash and Revenant short story (Work in Progress- Fight scene)

I recently shared the first few pages of a Revenant and Ash short story I am working on, here is another one. I really want to get better at my fight scenes, any tips or critiques will be greatly appreciated! I want to make sure it flows. This scene is right after they find the scientist they are searching for, but are interrupted when a team of mercenaries hired by the Syndicate, catches them in the act.

“I suggest a tactical retreat.” Ash said, take a step back. Revenant put out his hand.
“No. It’s too late.” He stepped forward and stopped when the guards put up their guns, their bullets ready to send him into another shell. Revenant eyes scanned the room and set his eyes on one of the mercenaries in the front of the firing squad.
“You.” He said, pointing him out. The mercenaries all glanced over, silently looking at one another in confusion. The one Revenant pointed out took a small step forward, raising his scope right on his head. Revenant tilted his head at him. “Only you. I’m giving you a chance to walk out of here with your head still attached to your shoulders....” The mercenaries shifted their stance, waiting for Revenant to make a move. Ash activated her sword, not wanting to wait to witness what will happen next until she heard a gun drop. Her optics widened when she saw the mercenary, the one Revenant pointed to, began to run. The man pushed the others aside and ran past her, jumped into a trident and drove away.
Ash whirled back around, hearing the stunned silence from the squad. Revenant let out a chuckle, making them focus back onto him.
“You know what’s funny?” He began, lifting his hand up. Ash eyes narrowed when she saw him holding a silver remote. “He was smart...too bad I planted a bomb in the car.”
The facility erupted from the explosion, shaking from the impact and causing the mercenaries to sway, trying to catch their balance. Revenant and Ash took the opportunity to attack. He was faster, being able to reach to one and stabbing them through and out their back. Revenant swung the dead mercenary off his arm, grabbing the dropped machine gun.
“SHOOT HIM!” One of the mercenaries screamed, before being torn open by the spray of bullets. When blood began to rain, the screaming followed. Ash swiftly focused on taking out the back line, slicing through their armor like cloth. The squad was in full panic, unable to run or recover, and unable to focus on one of the simulacrums without worrying about the other. It didn’t help when they heard Revenant laughing maniacally as he tore through their flesh and bone, breaking their bodies apart into chunks of meat. Ash jumped into the air, dodging the bullets as she watched the remaining mercenaries' cry out for help only to be utterly mutilated and destroyed. She jumped down into the large pool of blood and meat, as Revenant calmly walked up to her.
“Now, this what I call fun!” He laughed, tossing the gun onto a torso or what remained of one. Ash heard a wave of smaller explosions erupt deeper into the facility.
“We should leave.”
“Let’s not forget about the doctor...” Revenant said, walking over to a large crate and finding the doctor huddled behind it. Her eyes wide in fear from what she had witnessed, she yelled out when Revenant grabbed her hair. “Get up, skinsuit!” He dragged her over to Ash, hearing the doctor scream and cry out. Ash hummed.
“She is making too much noise.”
“I agree. Should I cut out her tongue?” He said with a grin, digging his claws onto the doctor’s jaw, which made her cry out in pain.
Ash put out her hand, stopping him.
“Not yet. We have to question her.”
Revenant’s arm slumped in dissatisfaction and shrugged. “Alright. But her sniveling is getting on my last nerves!” He snarled, giving her hair a yank, nearly tearing her scalp off. Ash walked behind the sobbing scientist and pulled out her sword.
“I shall silence her.” And slammed her sword’s pommel into the back of the scientist’s head, effectively knocking them out.
“Yeah, that will work.” Revenant said, throwing them over his shoulder. “You sure they’ll wake up from that?”
“Yes. I gave her a mild concussion. She will be fine.”
“For now.”
“Once we are done with her, you may deliver the killing blow.” She said, making her way towards their ship.
“Ha! You’re too kind, Ash.” He replied, following her. “I already have something in plan.”
“There’s a prowler den in King’s canyon...I’m curious to see what will happen if I drop her into a pack of them.”
“Hm. How interesting.”
“You should join me. It will be delicious entertainment.”
“Perhaps I shall.”
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2022.01.19 01:48 play_clothes_bill So bad it made me giggle a little.

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2022.01.19 01:48 tedricc How to do a second flush

Ik i have to soak the block again but do I have to wait a week before soaking or can I harvest and then immediately soak it?
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2022.01.19 01:48 Consistent-Syrup-69 I can't be the only one

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2022.01.19 01:48 yeehawhecker Rocky Mountain National Park in April

I had originally planned on going to Moab/Arches/Canyonlands this April however today I learned that the week we had planned and already had hotel rooms for was the Jeep Safari week and we don't want to deal with that.
So instead of Utah we chose Rocky Mountain NP in Colorado. I know it'll still be snowy in most areas, but is there anything I should know before we get hotel rooms and plan other things? We'll probably stay in Estes Park for 5-8 days, flying into Denver.
I'm into hiking and just general outdoor things, in Utah we did rafting, off-roading, canyoneering, and things like that, I know they probably won't have anything like that but that type of activity is what I'm in to.
I'm from Washington so I have a decent skill of hiking in the snow and have snowshoes and snow traction gear.
Any things we should do while we're there or anything that's almost certainly gonna be unattainable or closed in April?
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2022.01.19 01:48 kss420 First 3 Sons of Horus Jetbikes

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2022.01.19 01:48 hvu22 The Scream - Layla ft. Aldous edition

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2022.01.19 01:48 TinCatCanuck A little experimentation can create wonders

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2022.01.19 01:48 Teddde Front-end vs back-end demand / pay difference?

Hello, so for my upcoming job I have a chance to choose between front end and back end development with React and Flask, respectively. In terms of resume value and future job prospects, which is better?
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2022.01.19 01:48 TomKeen221B Who is your favorite and least favorite character in the show?

Least favorite is BJ and Judy they are so annoying and my fav is Keefe and Kelvin. Never got into Adam Devine until this show and he is native Nebraskan where I live and went to local school not far in my city. Plus to mention I liked Thaniel Block but sorry we got to see him go if you know what I mean without spoiling
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2022.01.19 01:48 Neferpizza2 Which one?

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2022.01.19 01:48 NoctisStar Almost 100

Almost 100 After starting doing analog horror I never really thought It go anywhere since I was only at like 50 subs but now I'm almost at 100 and I know that's small but damn is it a milestone for me, I'd seriously like to thank the ones from here who have subscribed to my decently made analog horror content.
channel btw
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2022.01.19 01:48 Miceeks what is your worst roommate story?

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2022.01.19 01:48 DodgeTundra How can I enable 2 factor authentication?

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2022.01.19 01:48 MZ4_Viper Watching multiple large Polish gaming sites start talking about the LOGI Strike. (Total sites reporting overall is up to 26 so far)

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2022.01.19 01:48 Veidt_Enterprises Hang on a second, so the only thing trickling down was just pee??

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2022.01.19 01:48 PainRave Shield Wall List Concept

The basics of the list are something like this:

The idea being: this fulfills the troops requirement for a battalion detachment and provides 3 MSU troops for the 6 objective missions, But the real fun is with the 10 man shield wall, backed up by light cover, dense cover, and getting +1A. You have around 1K points left to play with for characters, bikes, dreads, or whatever (Allarus, for example).
Thoughts? Suggestions? How to fill out the rest of the list?
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2022.01.19 01:48 acejatt Need a car for Mumbai - Pune weekly back and forth

I have a budget of 6 L. Can I get a good used car that is safe and easy to drive on highways/expressway. Currently thinking about tiago automatic.
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2022.01.19 01:48 EasyMerk Link to BOT Home or About Tab from DM using API

I want to be able to send someone to the BOT's home or about tabs, and have it work in the current browser (not open a new window) and also work in the Slack App.
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2022.01.19 01:48 Sweet-Submissive Cute.

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