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Buying failure

2022.01.19 02:31 Mind-Matt3rs Buying failure

I sent eth to my trust wallet. Then tried to swap usdc for rbif. It took my eth but didn't swap the usdc for the rbif. Wtf?
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2022.01.19 02:31 stockinvest-us AMH: Signal Alert - Undervalued identified

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2022.01.19 02:31 NomanYuno POV: Me desperately trying to remember what my gf and I have been talking about for 20 minutes

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2022.01.19 02:31 Unknown_______- What one

View Poll
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2022.01.19 02:31 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Launched 1 hour ago | 💎 DEVS KYC | ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

⚡️Welcome to the Atom Crypto World where you can earn $FLOKI just by holding the ATOM FLOKI. The Atom Legacy doesn’t end here as it is only the beginning; ATOM PROJECT will launch Atom Wallet, Atom-Swap, Atom Exchange and Atom Cryptos Debit Card for instant Fiat and Cryptocurrency swaps

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Atom Floki Ecosystem

The token is going to be the first step of building a community and creating a bond between all other members as the future Atom Projects needs the community that can vouch for the team. Holders will be rewarded with Floki with each transaction as it would be a delightful way of expressing gratitude for your support.

The Atom Floki token itself is just the part of the project, but the team will be building an ecosystem of blockchain around this token and utilize every possible way to make it better than other projects i.e. Atom Swap, Atom Wallet, Atom Exchange and Atom Debit card.

Atom Swap

Though the most important step is to launch the token successfully, the team will also be keeping up the pace to follow the roadmap and launch the Atom Swap for the community.

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What’s better than owning a debit card in which you can keep your crypto and fiat currency safe and use it instantly like any other debit card? We are Atom, and we believe in the future!
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2022.01.19 02:31 PoopyButtSex69 Gaping warmth

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2022.01.19 02:31 svanapps r/litecoin - Michael saylor on litecoin

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2022.01.19 02:31 magiccitybhm Randall Woodfin: ‘I will not be lectured’ by ex-state senator over marijuana pardons

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2022.01.19 02:31 AquaStardust I love you baby.

I always will.
I wish we could be officially together. Tell me how you feel. Do you want us too?
I want to kiss those sweet lips so bad, While pulling you in close.. Moving my lips down to your neck, Savoring every second against your skin. Being able to make love to you, Even virtually, But I hope one day we can do this for real. Make me yours baby. I want us more than anything.
It hurts when you don’t choose me. I will move on if I have to.
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2022.01.19 02:31 SolidusViper Action Required: Critical Vulnerability for Six Tokens

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2022.01.19 02:31 AIK777 Luckyfairy is financial project.

All my friends who have joined this project. We should inform the service and benefits of the project to everyone soon.
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2022.01.19 02:31 poppcorrn I took this photo in Florida. I love how I got the reflection

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2022.01.19 02:31 peachyreach unexpected notification while scrolling today-

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2022.01.19 02:31 Least2020-2022 肖戰依然是肖戰,越來越強大,越來越好-Xiao Zhan is still Xiao Zhan, getting stronger and be...

肖戰依然是肖戰,越來越強大,越來越好-Xiao Zhan is still Xiao Zhan, getting stronger and be... submitted by Least2020-2022 to ReferChina [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 02:31 hardyq1122 🐶FlappyDoge🐶 | BSC News Podcast | 🔊Spotify | Changing the Gaming World🕹 | P2E Gaming Ecosystem

Check out the FlappyDoge BSC News Podcast on Spotify where our CEO and CMO discuss the past, present and future of FlappyDoge!! Such a great interview!!
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⏳ Game Trailer Release by Narsun Studios (2nd trailer)
⏳ Attending International Gaming Conferences with game dev/partner, Narsun Studios (San Francisco and Saudi Arabia)
⏳ Beta Game Release
⏳ Official FlappyDoge P2E Mobile Game Release
⏳ DAO Voting System
⏳ NFTs, Loot Boxes, Easter Eggs, Marketplaces
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Takeover the P2E Gaming Industry
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🌐 March - Attending International Gaming Conference with Narsun Studios in San Francisco, US
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The FlappyDoge team prides themselves on being community-driven. They believe in full transparency; no hidden token wallets; no shady transfers; reasonable transactional taxes (majority goes back to holders and marketing, that benefit the community as a whole, and a small percentage gets burnt making your tokens more valuable!). They are a dedicated, experienced and trusted team in the crypto world. Every team member brings an expertise in one or all of the following: cryptocurrency, computer science, mathematics, management, marketing, business, or networking.
Come be a part of our journey!
💻 FlappyDoge Website
🐦 FlappyDoge Twitter
🚀 FlappyDoge Telegram
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2022.01.19 02:31 2noame It is imperative for Modi govt to announce universal basic income for the poor, tax on superrich in Budget

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2022.01.19 02:31 Trinky-The-Dumbass Uh yeah I'm stupid help me-

I've been looking at the stardew wiki for an hour but I'm still stuck on this.
Do you have to have maximum fish capacity (10 fish) in the fish pond to get roe? I'm trying to get caviar but so far I'm just doing the fish quests.
Do help me please I'm bad at this I could really use the advice, the wiki didn't exactly make it clear.
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2022.01.19 02:31 1990skidrow Favorite Gary glitter song

What’s yours?
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2022.01.19 02:31 DT1ME [Daniel Greenberg] The Chicago Bulls say point guard Lonzo Ball has a bone contusion in his left knee.

Haven’t seen any other reports on this yet. I wonder how much time he’ll end up missing.
Definitely glad it’s not worse but for sure gonna miss the defense and highlight plays…
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2022.01.19 02:31 hillsidehwood I think I’ve figured it out.

The series will ask the question (and already has begun to ask the question), but will not answer what is coincidence, what is supernatural / an outside force. Lottie, Van, and, for a while, Misty believe that they are guided by a supernatural force in the woods. They pray to the symbol, but the symbol just represents the force.
Tai, Natalie, and Trevor, on the other hand, for various reasons, reject the notion. Tai simply is too logical to believe it. Van will pull her in for a while, but she will reject that. Natalie and Trevor have an entirely different perspective of the group after Doomcoming. And after Natalie’s childhood trauma. They see Lottie as merely crazy. Shauna is traumatized because of her role in Jackie’s fate. She will reject that anything more powerful dealt this hand, she sees her own role in it and rejects the excuse that somehow, the others are not responsible for their actions. Remember, she slept on the second floor with Tai.
Adult Tai, however, seems to be in the midst of a reversal. She made a sacrifice to the symbol and got what she wanted. She recognized that on election night. That appears to be pivotal.
Lottie’s followers kidnapped Nat because she was close to discovering that Travis was murdered. They were wearing the symbol. I don’t think we know enough yet to know why Travis changed his name or why he was murdered. What took him off the grid. Though, part of me wonders if Natalie going to see him with Misty put someone else at risk. As in, he somehow knew Lottie was still alive. Which makes me think some of the YellowJackets, after doing horrible things, stayed in the woods, by choice. They were attracted to the force and didn’t want to be saved. But Shauna, Tai, Lottie, and Misty falsely believe that they killed them.
Interestingly, with Natalie literally kidnapped (which solves a problem for the now elected Tai, regardless of whether she had a hand in it), that leaves Shauna and Misty fucking Quigley to deal with it. Oh, and the book club, I guess. Because the show will deal with it.
Maybe I’m optimistic, but this show is way too smart to give us some defined supernatural creature. That’s going to always be a question and it’s going to frustrate the Marvel Universe watching subsection of the show’s fans.
From a narrative perspective, Laura Lee (laurlei?) and Jackie had to die. Laura Lee, because you can’t really have the group go full wood spirit worship while you have DC Talk’s biggest fan in the camp. She would rebuke thee. Jackie, because she doesn’t fit the story. There’s no chance she’s thanking the Earth, she would act as a wedge, that is not where this is going. Also, it’s not insignificant that her death coincides with the loss of their previous conventions.
I think it is unlikely that they’re going to start eating each other. That’s too obvious, Misty sort of smirked at it in the basement, the bear shows how they are going to eat.
A bigger question, but perhaps a smaller one, is whether the supposed force crashed the plane.
Ally was a freshman in the pilot, but was somehow president of the senior class of 1996 at reunion, having developed an accent. That aside, the remainder of the show feels very consistent. Whoever is cast as the adult Lottie and Van, something tells me it will be epic. Showtime will give them a BUDGET. Iconic 90s actresses will want this part. I will shizzle in my nizzle before I dribble down to VA if we see my college buddy Anna Chlumsky, Clea Duvall or, for the love of all that is holy, Katie Holmes herself as adult YellowJackets.
Part of me thinks that the Adam subplot is a McGuffin. It will shape the narrative next season - does Shuana’s daughter report her relationship? Does the body get discovered? Does the death cause trouble for the crew? But it is a sideshow, there’s is little more to it than Shauna killed her boyfriend over confusion as to the extortion plot.
Last thoughts, there’s a 100% chance Misty will kill the coach. So many bonus points if Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover is playing while she does it. Speaking of which, the writers, if Jackie’s ghost haunts the camp with a choreographed dance to Sweet Potato Pie by Domino, so many real life angels will get their wings.
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2022.01.19 02:31 True_Ebb5857 Thoughts on the 2004 530i

hey guys i’m thinking about getting a 2004 530i as my first car, i would be the 3rd owner, it has 206k kms, Brakes,battery, tires all have been recently changed, oil changes done regularly only issue it has is it needs a new head gasket i believe i will post a picture of what needs to be replaced in the comments. and it got bumped by a car on the side and has a little dent but insurance will cover it.. will this make the title rebuilt?? the price he gave me 3200$ CAD (2560USD) Should i buy it ?
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2022.01.19 02:31 TheFunkyMong I know it’s not San Pedro but had to post these lil guys somewhere

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2022.01.19 02:31 meishkinda Hello. I'm new.

I just got intrested in making my own soap. I would like to make something woody ...pine tar. Idk. Coffee..I liked a few by Dr squanch..I have no idea where to start
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2022.01.19 02:31 jgonzalez-cs (U.S.) If I have an Associate's degree from a community college, does that make me a sophomore or junior?

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2022.01.19 02:31 naturopathicfantasti On “hard to get & hard to keep” what men value & respect & men courting prestigious organizations. Men’s effort for men’s love and respect / lack there of for women’s

We know this applies to romantic relationships with men. And no lurkers, I don’t mean “acting uninterested and being childish”.
This’ll be (if he wanted to he would) but what they would… goes hard as diamonds when it comes to other men. I need that kind of motivation from a male partner because I’ve seen many be very capable of going all out. Only, for favor of other men.
Difference is, women aren’t requiring the gauntlet to be run to receive our love. Cause it’d be crazy to ask them to swallow a gold fish for a date w a woman. Do they subconsciously require hardship to truly value a relationship? Maybe.
I mean not easy to be or feel good enough for. Excited to better themselves to be considered. Not easy to continue to deserve membership. Very easy to be ejected from the organization/inner circle/perks/favotrust/ LOVE/ a continuing relationship for the future.
Ever intimately known a man pledging a fraternity:
The humiliation they know they’ll endure and are super ready for it because IT’S WORTH IT! Sleep deprivation, sexual embarrassment, alcohol poising, torture of other men & women, basic underling lowly treatment. They know it’s coming and they are clawing to be allowed the privilege of this to be loved by these other men eventually.
Country clubs:
They must be vouched for by a member. After that the other men vote on him. They do a background check, vet his family background and how likely they are to embarrass the organization or act unsavory. Men will jump through hoops and pay thousands in order to be part of a country club. They instruct their loved ones on how to behave when vetted (which they will be) they will better themselves in many ways in order to secure a spot. Because they care and they want it. They value it.
Secret societies: You know what they are if you’ve known someone in it or trying to be & grown ass men from 30-90 years old value being a part of this more than they value their children, wives or even parents.
Watching a friends husband be emotionally abusive to her for years and scramble to be seen as a worthy candidate was the last straw for me. I had to get yalls perspective. He agonized about every outfit. Thought day and night about his criminal record. Planned dates to take high up members on to get to know them. Genuinely cared and valued this relationship with these other men he didn’t even know.
I’ve never ever in my life seen a man care hard like what I’ve described here toward a woman. Ever. I’ve never seen a man value or care for a woman the way I’ve seen them value and care for these male relationships. What is this? Does it take the hunger games for a man to find value in a person or relationship?
One thing is for sure and it’s something we should learn from. Men do not accept other men (in these situations) without extreme effort and hardship.
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