New York Street Food - The Legendary Dosa Man

2022.01.24 20:51 foodtravelfantastic New York Street Food - The Legendary Dosa Man

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2022.01.24 20:51 EarthWarping [Siegel] Raptors would like to trade guard Goran Dragic

Sources tell @HoopAnalysisNet that the Toronto Raptors could look to leverage second-year guard Malachi Flynn in trade talks leading up to the trade deadline.
Goran Dragic obviously remains someone they would like to trade, but the Raptors are looking to add talent via trades.
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2022.01.24 20:51 offbrandbarbie Alpha male hierarchy is NOT like astrology

Astrology is fun. That is the main difference.
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2022.01.24 20:51 tootsieroll8307 Samba vs spezial as gym shoes (weight lifting)? Does the spezial suede stand up well to wear and tear?

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2022.01.24 20:51 qube001 The House in the Ocean is going well

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2022.01.24 20:51 Deaf30 Deaf guy seeking a 4k tv. Details in comments

I purchased a Samsung 4k Smart TV NU6900 43" in 2019. It crapped out on me, half the screen is getting very dim.
*Looking for another 43" Smart TV, $300 to $600 with the best 4k picture and HDR quality. I'm deaf so visuals are the MOST important.
*My room is small and I'm about 7ft away from the TV mounted on top my dresser. Not the brightest but not the dimmest either.
*The blacks on my Samsung always looked to gray. I always struggled to get a balance of brightness/bkackness. Dark scenes also had these little pixelated areas.
*The HDR and 4k of my Samsung is awful. All the built in apps play way to dark. Same for the 4k setting of my Fios Cable Box and HDR of my PS5, I have to set the Cable to 1080 and turn off HDR on Ps5 Playing streaming apps on Ps5 are much brighter. Playing Netflix through the Cable app on 1080 is also brighter.
*I purchased a 5yr protection plan so I've got to get in Best Buy. Preferably in the Bronx Terminal store. I will pay the difference for a better TV.
*I have a wired connection but from time to time the internet would drop and ask me to reconnect to the TV even though the Wi-Fi is still working. Not a huge issue, maybe once or so a month.
*What I've read about OLED TVs seems to fix all 4k and HDR issues. They're pricey, but I'm considering them. In addition to a 4k recommendation I'd appreciate an OLED recommendation as well. Cheaper the better😁
Thanks for any help.
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2022.01.24 20:51 Eastern_Vehicle2465 Tip of the day: if you need to release Osa's barricade window, first, if she is there, ping it for her to remove it, if not, hit the red bar. (Don't melee the barricade as that will shatter it and make it opaque, not release it and Osa may be unhappy).

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2022.01.24 20:51 imustbbored Gyroid from Animal Crossing. Far from the expectations

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2022.01.24 20:51 Used_Border_4910 Brown is an underrated color.

Not only does it give you that natural earthy vibe, but it can come in so many variations, and flexibility gives you extra points. Caramel brown, toffee brown, wood brown, cinnamon brown, milk chocolate brown, hickory brown, mocha brown, walnut brown, brunette brown, and doo doo brown. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)
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2022.01.24 20:51 Chandra_in_Swati Hey Dol! Merry Dol!

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2022.01.24 20:51 xRedBond56x Just love the lag that get now on warzone the only game I get lag in

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2022.01.24 20:51 thesadpencil Cracked into a new sketchbook and figured I might as well fill it will doodles.

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2022.01.24 20:51 Soft-Transition6500 I'm starting to feel like...if you have to question if it is still there

The answer is yes
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2022.01.24 20:51 ZoolShop AT&T announces multi-gigabit fiber: $110 a month for 2Gbps, $180 for 5Gbps

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2022.01.24 20:51 dirrtyremixes Deepconsoul - Soul Frequencies (2022)

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2022.01.24 20:51 NillaCake20 Apply to NillaSmp

You must be on bedrock edition. You can access my SMP through phone, console, and Windows 10 edition. You must be able to speak English so there isn't a language barrier. There is no limit of subs. We can do collabs, or even just have fun while either streaming or recording. Join this discord there is a limit of 10 people so It'll be limited.
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2022.01.24 20:51 ivantheguppy Jupiter Rising - Sci-fi/Horror

Commander Sabbat's eyes moved between the haggard, gray haired man looking back at him in the mirror, and an old picture of him with his late wife. A stained oak analog clock she'd gotten him for their thirtieth anniversary hung on the bulkhead next to her. He checked the time aboard Rosetta Station before his eyes fell to the nearly empty bottle of Kentucky whiskey on a table under the mirror.
"0654," he sneered and bit his lower lip. "Screw it. Got time for one more."
He poured a generous amount in the glass he'd used the night before and downed it. A chime sounded from the overhead intercom before a soft female voice spoke.
"Ensign Ryan is here, Commander."
"Open," Sabbat said, grimacing as the liquor burned his throat.
Sabbat set the glass back down and finished buttoning his blue uniform as the hatch whisked open. The mirror reverted to an image of Earth from afar as he turned to see his immaculately dressed aide.
"Ensign Ryan." Sabbat nodded.
"Good morning, Commander Sabbat." The officer smiled.
"Is it?" Sabbat could tell the smile was forced.
"It could always be worse, sir."
"Wait till you get to be my age, son. Everything is worse."
The ensign's smile faltered as Commander Sabbat waved him out into the corridor. Four uniformed officers passed as they exited, giving a half salute to Sabbat that he didn't return.
"So, what's on the schedule today?" Sabbat asked. His aide pulled up the tablet and began tapping.
"Thom, Sara and June are still waiting approval for their leave to Earth. Doctor Lang wants to speak with you. Supplies are still disappearing." Ensign Ryan paused, "She thinks you're avoiding her, sir."
Hurst, Sabbat thought, that jackass.
"That's because I am." He looked to Ryan with a half smile. "We'll see her after breakfast. Remind me to get in touch with the admiral after we talk to her. What else?"
"Yes, sir. " Ryan said, "We still need to re-assign someone to help Aggy set up the new hydroponic lab. She's bothering me during-"
"Aggy, eh? She doesn't seem to be bothering you that much, Ensign Ryan." Sabbat beamed a wise smile. His grinned dropped as, to his shock, his aide continued on without even the slightest blush.
"I'm meeting with Corbin later this afternoon about ordering replacement panels for the ones damaged last week. It's a pretty big mess, sir. We've had to seal up and shut down several compartments to conserve power for now." Ryan shook his head, "I'm handling it, sir."
"You'd think that after over two hundred years of being in space, someone would've come up with a way to completely deflect rocks and micro-debris." Sabbat sighed and shrugged.
The two turned right into a short alcove that lead to the mess hall, where idle chatter and laughter filtered from the open hatch. A handful of people were still lined up with trays while several sat eating at composite white tables.
"Commander on deck!" A tall blonde man shouted in line.
Sabbat couldn't stop his upper lip from curling as his executive officer, Leon Hurst, called the room to attention. Those sitting, rose to their feet; those in line stiffened with trays at waist level.
"Eat your food." Sabbat huffed and rolled his eyes. Everyone relaxed as Leon walked over.
"Commander Sabbat, how are you today?" He smirked.
"Hurst." Sabbat met his XO's gaze. "How many times have I said none of that formal bullshit in the mess hall?"
"Thought any more about our little deal?" Hurst said flatly, ignoring his commanding officer's own question. "It's a pretty fair deal, if I do say so."
"Deal? There never was a deal, son." Commander Sabbat clenched his jaw and stepped closer. "I think the admiral deserves to know about his sons 'activities' aboard this station."
"And what about his favorite commander and his al-"
"Tell him whatever you want. I'm done babysitting you and this dying station. After another five months, I'm done. I don't give a damn what-"
"Commander Sabbat, Captain Hurst, report to command! Commander Sabbat, Captain Hurst, report to command, immediately!"
Ensign Ryan's tablet beeped as the commander and XO just stared each other down. Officers in the mess uncomfortably watched on in silence.
"Guys! You heard Lieutenant Ashe." Ryan finally broke in. "Finish this later, please."
"He's right, Hurst. We can talk later, but as far as I'm concerned, this conversation is over." Sabbat slowly nodded, staring at his executive officer for a few more seconds, before turning and motioning him and Ryan to follow. "Come on."
The majority of people in the mess deck followed the three as they jogged left into the corridor. Ryan had to practically shout over the clamor that echoed.
"Kuiper Station 17, 38, 76, 129 are all reporting a solid parrallax occlusion in arrays one through twenty six. Stations 216, 342 and 446 are reporting the same in arrays twenty two through forty four."
"What the fuck does that mean?" Hurst said as they hustled past Commander Sabbat's stateroom.
"Every Kuiper Station has fifty arrays that cover over ninety million square kilometers." Sabbat said over the knot forming in his throat. He looked at Hurst. "Whatever is out there is large enough to distort millions of kilometers of space around it."
"My God, what is-" Hurst muttered as they turned right into chaos.
People flowed along the long corridor between ops, communications, and the command deck with stricken faces. Sabbat heard and saw snippets of news flashes from tablets that the gray and blue uniformed officers carried, some of whom looked up with tears as they passed.
'Approaching at extreme speed...Yes, multiple....Huge..Not aste-'
"Stations 12 through 232-" Ryan broke in. "Jesus. All but two of the five hundred stations are reporting in."
"I think I'm going to be sick." Hurst covered his mouth.
Sabbat silently agreed as he looked at his XO and passed through the hatch onto the command deck. The chatter died to a heavy whisper within two seconds. Dozens of monitors on thebulkhead to the left showed feeds of panicked citizens on Earth and Mars, along with news feeds from space stations around the solar system.
"Commander. Admiral Hurst is here from Concord Station." The distraught Lieutenant Ashe said, motioning to one of the larger monitors.
"Son." Leon Hurst's father nodded to his son from the screen, then to Sabbat, "Commander."
"What the hell is going on?" Sabbat demanded.
"As of thirty minutes ago, we detected over a dozen anomalies approximately 650 AU from the sun spread around the Kuiper Divide. We've launched ion observor drones to intercept. We are expecting video any moment."
"All stations are reporting now. No match in the Solar Index as to what they are. They're too big to be asteroids." Lieutenant Ashe stuttered, "There's three that are larger than the sun. Two just passed 300 AU. It's like...they're swarming."
"How is it so fast?" Lieutenant Ashe covered her mouth.
"First video is coming in." Admiral Hurst said. Three larger monitors popped to life. The seconds dragged by. "Here's three feeds now."
On the screens was what looked like a translucent, boiling mass that distorted all light it passed over. Whirlpools of twisting space and dark voids followed whatever the thing was that took up most of the screen. The Sun's light finally reached the object as six more monitors switched to a sight that made Commander Sabbat nauseous.
"What the fuck is that?" He trembled, pointing to the closest screen.
An undulating surface of thick gray flaps and deep abrasions stretched out into the sun's light. Ovoid and warped with pulsing, membraned appendages twisting together into spikes longer than the Sun was wide, the thing darted past 250 AU and came fully into view.
"My God." Sabbat cried out. "It's fucking alive!"
"Fuck me." Ryan muttered. "It's passing 75 AU!"
"Commander Sabbat, I give you full tactical control beyond the asteroid belt. Do whatever-" The feed cut off.
"Oh my God, no." Hurst sank to his knees as he pointed to a monitor displaying news and the red planet floating far under Concord Station.
The massive station of curved alloy plates and reinforced graphene spun like a toy inside white, webbed limbs. Red slit eyes that spanned kilometers dotted along the gray skinned tumorous bulb that throbbed as it slowly chewed, pulling in tons of the station with each bite. Debris and bodies went flying everywhere as the exploding station briefly dimmed the screen.
"It didn't do anything. Nothing." Every muscle inside Sabbat clenched as he bent over to catch his breath. Shouts rang out as people went ballistic.
"Do something, commander!" He heard Ensign Ryan yell.
"Look, Neptune!" Someone screamed. Sabbat looked up. "It's fucking bigger than the planet!"
Ropy appendages encircled Neptune, carving frozen chunks from the planet as the red eye nightmare ate. White and blue exploded out as the icy planet was reduced to its core in seconds.
"Commander!" It was Hurst, stumbling back to his feet, "For fuck's sake!"
"F-Fire all batteries of the NK12's around Neptune!" No one answered. "Now, damn it!"
"Firing!" He heard Lieutenant Ashe shout. A countdown of five seconds ticked down to zero.
Chunks of vitrified flesh erupted from the hundreds of craterous explosions that punched into the creature. Brilliant blue beams crackling with white clouds towered for miles, before dissipating into the vacuum in a silver puff. The creature did nothing but close its eyes and swallow the core of Neptune.
"It didn't even flinch. Fuck." Ryan said. Screens switched to display the full extent of carnage in the system, "Jupiter, the other planets!"
The gas giant was crushed to its core in an instant by a similar monstrosity. The resultant blast emitted as Jupiter's roiling atmosphere was ripped apart in every direction instantly vaporized its moons and a quarter of the asteroid belt. People sobbed as their ultimate fate was slowly revealed to them.
"Saturn, Uranus... gone... family.. Mercury, Venus.... My brother....My wife!" Sabbat's brain picked out within the commotion of a hundred people.
They watched as Mars, the planet once deified as the God of War, was reduced to a cloud of expanding copper colored dust as easily as Jupiter had been. Writhing masses of the monster's flesh twisted about in the cloud as it consumed the center of Mars.
"Earth! The SUN! SUN!" A voice went shrill and cracked.
The largest screen displayed Earth from afar. The silver Moon shone on the far side of the planet from the biggest creature yet. Screens everywhere on the wall displayed camera feeds from all over the planet and satellites that orbited it. News played clips of riots, killings, religious sacrifices, mass suicides, and more, all in plain view as Earth's entire societal structure crumbled.
"No. NO!" Ensign Ryan sank to the floor and lost his stomach along several other officers. "My wife! My kid! NO!"
An spiraling void of barbs, each longer than the Earth wide, dominated the horizon. Spiked red masses bubbled out from the spined tentacles that were quickly darkening the skies. The complete and utter collapse of humanity played out for what felt like eternity. Every nation on Earth launched nuclear tipped warheads into space while fusion torpedoes launched from satellites around the planet. Neither did a single thing to deter the monster from its meal.
"I'm sorry, commander." Ensign Ryan said, "There's nothing we can do. Farewell."
Sabbat looked over in time to see the crying young man put a service pistol to his head and pull the trigger. Blood spattered the commanders face and the monitors next to him as his aide's body fell to the floor. Death and hopelessness overwhelmed him as a handful of screams, followed by more gunshots, echoed in the room. He blankly looked back to the monitors.
"Why?" Sabbat quivered. Hurst whimpered next to him on the ground, nearly comatose.
The Sun, center of life in the solar system, was pierced by three AU long tentacles and being dragged off screen. Ethereal plumes of radiating flares erupted into space as its surface was sucked away.
"Why? Please. This can't be real! Please!" Commander Sabbat sank to his knees. "God, why?"
Feeds showing the Sun finally auto-adjusted to reveal the eldritch horror that dwarfed it. Glowing patches of gray, pocked with gashes that would swallow Jupiter whole, covered the ancient scarred skin. Veins flashed red around eyes that blazed in the void, seeming to peer directly into Sabbat's soul through the camera watching it. He grabbed his head as a wavering thrumb filled him.
Sentient life is but an inconsequential nuisance to the natural order of the universe. We, the custodians of this particular instance, eridacte all sentient life before expanding past their native star system. Those that remain left alone the longest, are the ones that remain silent the longest. This star system has deemed to be of significant risk, and will be recycled.
Screens blinked to static as Earth's space stations were crushed by the closing embrace. The monitors popped to different feeds, and Sabbat saw the beast in full that spun and devoured his home planet. He wept and fell to his side. Pain shot through him before complete loss numbed everything.
The Sun was barely but a glimmer now, its light barely reaching past where the only planet in the solar system to birth life once orbited. The Earth was compressed in the thing's embrace until it exploded out into incredible magma jets of steam and glowing rock. The last thing Commander Sabbat and every other person saw, was the yellow flames of Sol fading to pale white. Eventually, even the pale white faded to a ball of deep blue, before being snuffed out with a single spark, leaving only empty space.
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2022.01.24 20:51 Reasonable_Jello_603 👾$Spinu - Space Inu Vaders👾 – ERC-20 Launched today on Ethereum! Immersive Metaverse Arcade P2E Game 🚀 | 🌚 Super Stealth Play | Real Utility | 1000X in 2022!

👾$SPINU - SPACE INU VADERS 👾 – ERC-20 Launched today on Ethereum! Immersive Metaverse Arcade P2E Game 🚀 | 🌚 Super Stealth Play | Real Utility | 1000X in 2022!
Get involved here 💭 -
It's your favourite retro arcade game with an Inu twist! - SPACE INU VADERS! The $SPINU Vaders are here to bring the arcade games back with a bang! Sit back, strap in and hold on tight for the launch of the biggest retro gaming coin in the space.
Our aim is to develop a Metaverse Arcade game like Space Invaders which utilizes $SPINU as the underlying in-game currency which can be won and spent in the virtual reality arcade game. We're aiming to have a wide variety of classic arcade games to choose from. From childhood classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man to more modern arcade games like Tekken.
A dedicated experienced marketing team, we know just what it takes to take Space Inu Vaders out of this universe!
Close-knit community! We're an ever growing close-knit community of diamond handers ready to take Space Inu Vaders to the next level. Care to join us?
Space exploration. If you're a diamond hander you're in for a long ride. We're not stopping at the moon. The question is, what planet are you willing to visit?
Tokenomics & FAQ
⦁ Total supply - 1,000,000,000,000 $Spinu Tokens (1 Trillion)
⦁ 15% Buy
⦁ 7%% Sells
⦁ Liq locked on launch
⦁ Contract will not be renounced in order to lower taxes in the future and list on centralised exchanges.
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2022.01.24 20:51 ASingleCornChip Which covid test to get

I'm trying to figure out the difference between these tests:
Covid rapid antigen PCR covid-19 Rapid PCR covid-19 Respiratory pathogen panel Rapid antibody
I am travelling out of country and looks like the rules for the country have changed: Australia 🦘 See Here
The list here is the list of tests I can get at this one place, seems easier now I have more choices, but I am also curious the type of test like nose swab vs throat swab, saliva, like what's going on with these different test types? I think I wanna do a rapid, and I also have horrible swab anxiety so would prefer to do a test that doesn't require your brain swabbed 😅 I want the simple one.
Thanks! ~°
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2022.01.24 20:51 RhodoGroenlandicum Snake Tryst With a Twist (NSFW- snakes mating)

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2022.01.24 20:51 margaretmayhemm Support Group Resources

Hello everyone! I have a 4 year old who was diagnosed last year with ASD. He is currently getting a lot of help through school, along with occupational therapy outside of school once a week.
What I need though is support for myself. I think the pressures of the pandemic and trying to navigate the world with an autistic child has made me really stressed and feeling isolated.
I live in the Midwest, and I was wondering where are some good places to start looking for a parental support group in my area? So far I feel like my searches haven’t yielded me much, but I don’t know if I’m looking in the right places.
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.24 20:51 Eastern_Vehicle2465 Tip of the day: if you need to release Osa's barricade window, first, if she is there, ping it for her to remove it, if not, hit the red bar. (Don't melee the barricade as that will shatter it and make it opaque, not release it and Osa may be unhappy).

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2022.01.24 20:51 Used_Border_4910 Brown is an underrated color.

Not only does it give you that natural earthy vibe, but it can come in so many variations, and flexibility gives you extra points. Caramel brown, toffee brown, wood brown, cinnamon brown, milk chocolate brown, hickory brown, mocha brown, walnut brown, brunette brown, and doo doo brown. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)
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2022.01.24 20:51 IsItMeta If you see a profile that has religion set to "Agnostic, Christian" what do you think that means?

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2022.01.24 20:51 Professional_Milk_61 Feeling very torn

So about a week ago, I had purchased a pair of cockatiels from craigslist from somewhere about 2 hours aways. I get a call a couple days later asking for them back. Apparently, the couple was having marriage issues, and the wife went to stay with her parents for a week, and her husband sold them without her consent. I originally agreed, and said they could come pick them up on saturday. They then canceled last minute and we rescheduled for today. No word from them yet, but I'm definitely having second thoughts.
The day they had called about getting them back, I check and the husband had just reposted the add again. I am worried for the safety of the birds, as traveling and rehoming can be very stressful for birds and even make them ill. I am also worried that they will just be left in the care of the indifferent husband, and this will just happen again, or something worse...
As for me, I struggle with depression, and bonding with these birds has really brought me a lot of joy over the last week, and it would really break my heart to give them up to someone I don't believe is giving them enough attention. The diet they were given is pretty poor quality too, so I have been working to get them to eat healthier as well.
They offered me my money back, but now I'm thinking that they should at least pay for my gas ($5 a gallon for a 4 hour round trip) and possibly charge for petsitting as well.
After all, I am feeling tempted just to not give them back, but I know that is selfish, so I'm feeling very torn.
Thanks for reading, sorry if formatting's weird as I am on mobile!
TLDR: Bought birds on craigslist, they weren't the person's to sell and the owner wants them back, but alas, I have fallen in love
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